Player Error weak signal

So I have a quad Tablo and it worked fine on my iPhones but not my Samsung TV’s. It would say the firmware is out of date even though the actual Tablo firmware was higher than the version my Samsung TVs was saying is required. Emailed Tablo support, they say yep we have a fix, put the device in remote support mode, Tablo support emails me back asking if it’s resolved. I get home and now the the Samsung TVs don’t complain about the wrong version of firmware however now I get player error on every device connected to it, neither my TVs or iPhones work. They all say player error. So call up today at 4:20 ET, sixth in line, fast forward to 5:29 and I have been caller 1 for ten minutes, 5:30 I am transferred to voicemail. Please, anyone know of a fix for this player error weak signal??? I know it’s not my antenna, I have a Clearstream 4max and I’m less than 30 miles from the towers. Signal was high on every channel, I have unplugged the device, rescanned channels, uninstalled the apps on both the TVs and phones. I’m at my wits end with support and this device. I think it’s a great concept if you can get it to work.