Player Error - Weak Signal...but the signal is fine

Started this morning. Not a single station will tune in. When using the web app I get:

Player Error
Unable to tune to channel. This is usually caused by poor reception.

When using the roku all I get is: Weak Signal

I have a TV hooked up to that same antenna and amplifier and every station that came in yesterday comes in fine with the tv. And would you believe I have the old SimpleTV (original one) and it tunes in channels just fine (again, same antenna and amplifier). And you know about SimpleTV…they have the worst tuner in the world.

I rebooted the Tablo device. Updated to the latest firmware. What else do I need to do? Any suggestions?

When I had my DirecTV DVR and had satellite signal problems, the DirecTV tech on the phone usually had me disconnect manually all the components in the chain. That included unhooking the coax cable from the DVR so as to dissipate any lingering static electricity in the line. That would clear up the connection to the DVR from the dish and helped. Shut down the Tablo and unhook the coax from the Tablo while it is closed. Wait 2 or 3 minutes, reconnect then rescan. Can’t guarantee it will help…but may be worth a try…

I have had this same issue two evenings in a row. I have two separate indoor antennas in the same room, one to the Roku TV the other to the Tablo (wired network). The TV has excellent reception but the Tablo has zero reception on any channel. Rebooting seems to reset the unit and reception comes back. Only problem is the recording was missed.

  1. Is there any tools to troubleshoot the problem?

  2. Why can’t you play a program that hasn’t finished recording? This should be possible.

  3. Only after the recording completes (an hour long) you get an unplayable video due to weak signal. What did the tablo do for an hour? Record a blank signal?

  4. isn’t there a notification system (email?) to tell you when the unit looses reception?

I’ve only had my tablo for a couple of weeks and it is up to date on software. This “problem” sounds like a tuner switching problem and not actually a reception issue. Could heat be an issue?



I highly recommend to scan your active channels several times thru Tablo’s setting–Edit-Channel-Lineup–Re-scan … As much as possible, make sure you accept solid green signal only… If it fluctuates a lot, then you’ll have problems… You’ll need to move the Antenna where the best signal location. Ofcourse if any changes due to weather conditions or broadcast is just bad then there’s nothing you can do… I find indoor antenna signals fluctuate a lot due to wall obstruction or appliance interference… I recommend an outdoor antenna for best results… Also, make sure your Tablo is in a ventilated area… Most of the time this will fix this type of issues…

Maybe try and not use an amplifier? see if that helps…

I tried unplugging it for a while and when I tried to test it my wife mentioned she recently saw a message about it being out of space (she never deletes anything). So I deleted everything useless and tried it again. Worked. I do not know if the problem was solved by more space being available or the unplugging for a while.

@Eves Glad to hear you were able to get this sorted. We’re happy to take a look to see what caused this if you like! Just shoot us a note.

I had the same issue but my solution was different. A channel scan using the Roku app found 21 channels - all 21 had 5 green circles for signal strength. However when I would try to watch Live TV it would give me the weak signal message.

After trying everything I found on the forum I launched the Tablo app on my phone and performed the channel scan using it.The scan found 21 channels but not all of them had a checkmark next to them. I made sure all of them had checkmarks and after that Live TV was working again.