Player Error Unable to tune to channel. This is usually caused by poor reception

Every Channel on Live TV produces this error message.  Just did a complete rescan and confirmed the reception was fine on all the major channels.  What gives?

I can’t find the post, but I thought someone had this problem when the hard drive was full.


Thanks…I’ll bet that’s it.

BUT…what is the ‘right’ answer.  Does Tablo not simply ‘deal’ with this the way that, for example, Tivo does?..deleting ‘old’ shows and transparently managing hard drive space?  Do I really have to manually delete shows, periodically format my hard drive as the thousands of old episodes pile up, or override some default setting indicating that I only want to keep, for example, the ‘five’ most recent episodes of Nightly News?

Currently (today), TabloTV doesn’t have any “auto” management of old shows, etc…  I think it’s something on the table for a future release though.

So for right now, you have to go in and delete old/watched shows, etc.

@darmitage @cjcox is correct - this will be included in our next firmware update, which you can expect to see very soon. Sorry that you had this issue in the first place, though - we’ll be glad to see this update get pushed out.

And as if by magic…2.1.16 showed up this evening!