Playback pauses randomly

Hello Tablo community,
My problem is quite transient. During playback, the video pauses occasionally and then continues with the playback. I do not notice this on all shows but it just started recently. Here are the details-
Tablo original 2 tuner model
Wifi connected
Accessed through Roku app
1TB USB WD drive attached, half full
notch filter attached to cut out cell frequency

I have reset the tablo many times.

This might be an indication of your hard drive going bad.
Have you turned-in a support ticket yet?

I can cause this at will when I run my paper shredder. But only when it’s run in reverse to clear the shredders.

The frequency generated by reverse causes the playback to pause. The playback continues on when I stop the shredder.

WiFi interference.

I have not yet but will consider it if it continues. Right now it is an annoyance more than a big problem.

Thank, I will look into the wifi interference suggestion.