Playback on records freeze

I am having some issues with recorded shows freezing during playback. I don’t seem to be having any connections issues and I don’t have issues with live TV… the hard drive is practically empty. The show will stop at random points and I get the spinning wheel thing… if I back out and restart the show where I left off, it plays fine.

Any idea how to fix this? I am playing the show on a FireTv (2nd gen).

Does the freezing happen at the same point during playback on other devices?

I’m seeing the same issues. It usually happens when I’m skipping forward using the Apple TV app. I have to exit the show and then start it again and it seems to fix the issue till it happens again.

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Not at the same point… chromecasting from the laptop produces slightly different issues. I get shuddering that eventually leads to a freeze that way. The Tablo is on 5ghz with max signal strength showing. The FireTv is hardwired into the network… so, I don’t think I have a networking issue.

What if you watch the video on a device that is not casting? Say a smartphone or tablet? Does it play perfectly smooth?

nope, have the same issue

If it freezes at the exact same point, it may be an issue with the stream. Either native to that broadcast or poor OTA signal.

I have this exact issue. Skipping ahead with Siri commands works fine, using the 10 second skip ahead feature freezes about 75% of the time. I opened a support ticket for this today.