Playback Jerky & Skipping

We have recently been recording things again (with the new TV season) and have noticed on several different recordings from different stations that the playback is jerky and skipping. In fact in some cases it has even compressed an hour show to about 48 minutes total recorded time (even though the event is listed as being recorded from 7-8pm (for example).

Is this a signal issue? Or a hard drive issue? We have looked for similar subjects on the forum, but have not found anything that offers solutions. If we have missed something relevant, please direct us to that info.

Any help is appreciated.

It could be a signal issue. I’ve had a recording “skip” over a blip in the signal several times during a recording period. During one show last year a 30 minute program wound up as 18 minutes. I was having reception problems for several weeks on that channel.

Do you have a way of checking your reception independently of the Tablo? Like for instance hooking the antenna directly to a TV and seeing what the TV’s signal monitor shows for that channel?

I do not think that I have that ability.

Could be either. If its just some channels and never others, then probably signal issue.