Playback Failed Storage is full

Hello All,

First time user with dual Line Tablo. I have an 8GB usb stick as my external Hard drive. I can only watch one channel with live tv. When I try and watch another channel it gives me error" Playback Failed Storage is full. Delete some recordings before trying again. I have not ever recorded anything. Do, I really need an 8TB external hard drive for this to work?

nope. But if you search the forum for usb flash drives you’ll find there are a bad idea …for technical reasons. It likely if you use a conventional drive you’ll notice an improvement.

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You definitely don’t want to use a USB stick with the Tablo. That is not supported and will cause lots of problems.

You don’t need an 8 TB drive. A 1 or 2 TB drive works fine. I still have barely used 2 TB and have owned the Tablo for over 5 years (though I do clean up recordings from time to time).

Ok, I will try a 1TB drive as I suspect I will delete any recordings. Do you think a 500 GB external drive will work?

If you were getting by with 8GB then 500GB is going to be enormous for your needs.

Actually it “all depends” - how many show do you archive, what recording setting do you use, length of shows, how long you store them.

As a perspective, they used to sell a Tablo Dual 64GB, advertising approx 40hrs of storage. Of course your mileage may vary. Just not an USB flash drive.

I’m using an old 750GB drive salvaged from a laptop upgrade that I put in an external drive, attached to my backup Tablo. Works fine. A 500GB drive should work find.

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I’m using a 500 gig drive also salvaged from a laptop. Works great in my Tablo Lite…