Playback Error - Live TV

I hope someone can help me understand why I am getting playback error when watching live tv via roku.  This seems to happen if I haven't watched TV for several hours.   It is almost like it takes the Tablo time to wake up or something.  I tried several times yesterday afternoon to watch live tv and I kept getting a Playback error message.  I waited for about 15 minutes and tried it again and had no issues. 

I have had this happen 1 or 2 times.  Both times for me were after an update and what I had to do was hard reset the roku.  Its not a Tablo thing… its a roku wonkyness thing.

I haven’t had that problem, but is it just with live TV?   If you use your Roku to watch a recording, does it do the same thing?

Is it just happening with your Roku?  Do you have a PC or tablet to see if happens there as well?

Are recordings working fine?

I am just trying to narrow down the issue.   The only time I had a serious problem with “sleep mode” was when I changed the default setting on my hard drive from “never sleep” to “1 hour”.  That messed up recordings if the Tablo hadn’t been active an hour before the recordings started.  I had to change the setting back to “never sleep”, and it cleared up the problem.

The recordings seem to be working fine.  The problem is only with live tv.  I haven’t tested my ipad or the computer.  I will check my ipad the next time I have an issue with live tv to see if it just roku.