Playback error due to outage during recording

My tablo lost power while recording live TV on an external drive. Once back on it continued recording the program (as 2nd part) but when I try to play the first part I get a “Playback failed. This video is not playable on your device using the current settings.”. My Roku and Table are both setup to record and play in surround sound and I can watch the 2nd part in surround sound, so this looks more to me like the first file got corrupted when the power suddenly went out and wondering if there is a way to recover from that? The recording is 1h30 mins long and I there’s no way to re-record it as it was live.

You can try playing it on another device. E.g. you can watch in a browser with , but please note that not all browsers are capable of playing surround sound. You could also try a 3rd party tool to transfer the recording to a computer and use a variety of different players to try to view the recording.

Thanks for the tip. I am able to play the recording via browser but I get no sound. I will try to tweak with sound settings but I can at least watch the recording with close captioning enabled. So it appears the sound encoding was messed up when the power to Tablo was suddenly cut off and the Roku is unable to handle that but other devices are less restrictive.