Playback ended-tuner assigned to another channel-weak signal

This has happened to me twice in the last two days while watching the CTV national news/CTV Toronto news. Last night it happened on my computer and today it happened on the Apple TV. I am watching the news which is coming from the CN Tower amir 3 km away, and all of a sudden the picture freezes. Pressing play does nothing, And shortly there after I get a black screen saying “playback ended or tuner assigned to another channel“ and then playback failed due to weak signal. After I press menu and go back to the listing of TV channels and re-select the channel it comes back. After two or three minutes it does the same thing again. A game I go to the listing of all the channels and re-select CFTO. So far it continues without problem. Has anyone had this happen to them? Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

I should note that after I did this and before I tested out the farthest Buffalo stations and they were all working fine.

Since you stated that the transmission tower was only 3 km away, your problem may be that the signal you are receiving is too strong for the Tablo. Even though the error message you are receiving states weak signal, other users have found that an extremely strong signal can yield the same result.

You can try either adding some attenuation or splitters. A 2 way splitter will drop your signal approximately 3db. Attenuators are available through Amazon and are fairly inexpensive. The downside is that some of your weaker stations may not come in if you lower your overall signal strength. If your antenna is directional, then you may also be able to rotate it so that your strongest station is slightly off so that only that station’s strength is decreased.

No, that is not the issue because the signal is fine all the time. The antenna has not moved in over a year. This has only started very recently.

And to add to my Tablo grief, I went to watch the news tonight at 6:30 and my Apple TV did not find theTablo. Neither did my iPad. Or my Mac Mini. My router could see it though. I waited till 7:30 to reboot because ( I thought) the news was recording. After the news ended I rebooted and Tablo was visible once more. Sadly, the news did not record while Tablo was in the Twilight Zone. I will no longer reccomend this device. not shit every day but enough shit to stop me from wishing it upon anyone else.

This has happened frequently while watching on Mac mini wired to network via Chrome. “The sync process was unsuccessful due to database error”

@Mudhead - Sorry you’re running into touble. I’d recommend touching base with support. They can take a look at your Tablo’s logs and see what the source of your issues might be.

The times I have contacted support (and managed to press the reset buttons multiple times in however many seconds to get in diagnostic mode) I have been told everything is showing normal. I would bet a nickel they would not show anything here either.They are empathetic. I am frustrated. Not frustrated enough to sell the device but, as I said, unable to reccomend it to my friends.