Playback during record

Let’s say you’re recording a show that is one hour long.  Thirty minutes after it starts recording you decide you want to watch the show from the beginning.  Can you playback the show from the beginning while it is continuing to be recorded?  I have a SimpleTV and it does not allow you to do this. My old Comcast DVR did allow this but I have cut the cord and never going back to cable.  With their DVR you could view a recording even if it was currently in progress. If you fast forwarded far enough for it to catch up to real time it would briefly display LIVE on the screen.  Can Tablo do this?  I am ready to ditch SimpleTV due to multiple issues but I want to make sure this feature is included.

@drgarner yes, you can watch the show from the beginning. Once you get to the “Live” TV portion you will just watch as it is recorded