Play show being recorded from the start?

Hi, I’m very new to Tablo and still learning. When I had DirectTV we could record a show and while it’s still recording start watching it from the beginning. We like to start watching the show about 15 minutes after we start recording. I can’t see how to do this with Tablo. The show records fine, but if I start playing it while it’s still recording, the playback starts at the current point it’s recording. If we wait until the recording is finished then we can go to the start with no problem.

Is there any way to playback a show currently recording from the beginning?

You didn’t say what device you are using to watch the video and if you are watching the video from the recordings menu and not the grid.

The trick is to go to the recordings menu, select the show being recorded, and start watching it. It will start at the beginning.

If you just go to the live TV grid and select the show, it will start at wherever the show is at that point.

Of course there are recent postings for the LG webOS users about recordings starting playback at the current recording position.

It’s all but impossible to buy anything other then a Smart TV. But I never use it and select the device(s) I prefer.

Sorry. It’s the tablo dual lite