Pixilation increases as time tuned progresses

All, I can tune in any live station or view any recording for the first 10 minutes or so (haven’t tested exact durations), then it becomes pixilated and it becomes worse the longer the particular channel has been tuned in. I have seen this with regularity on both Roku 4 and Apple TV 4 on the same 1 Gbps subnet, even connected to the same switch below the router over CAT6. This phenomenon does not happen when my powered antenna is connected directly to the TV 3 feet from my Tablo 2-Tuner model.

Has anyone else seen this?


Update- Changed Max Recording Quality from HD1080 down to the recommended HD720-5 Mbps (recommended) setting and am not seeing the pixilated effect over time. I still need to test more over different channels, different timing, etc. Can Tablo comment? Is there a CODEC sustained buffering issue at 1080? Why is HD720 recommended? I have the bandwidth on my media subnet to handle well over 10 Mbps and HD storage is basically free…

@wtrskr There’s no limitation on the Tablo’s end - pixelation should not be related to the selected reocrding quality. The recording quality is just how the stream is encoded - it shouldn’t present any pixelation in the stream at all. If this isn’t anecdotal, there could be an issue. Please send the details above to our support team and w can take a look.