Pixellation and drops on some channels

Hi All,

Any help in resolving the intermittent pixellation and drops that I’m experiencing would be greatly appreciated. The Symptoms and Configuration are listed below. Everything else has been perfect but these drops are driving me to distraction.

- Recorded playback or live streaming will occasionally pixelate every 5-10 minutes with an associated dropout of 1-2 seconds.
- The is true for when a single or multiple tuners are in use.
- Some channels are more prone than others to having this problem.

- 4-tuner TabloTV, running 2.1.28, hardwired into an HP gigabit switched network.
- Roku3 running Tablo Preview also hardwired into the same switch and set to 1080P
- Recordings to the TabloTV are at 1080P.
- WD 1TB Elements USB 3.0 HDD for storage.
- All channels have 5 green dots for reception and range from 720P to 1080i.
- The impacted channels tend to be the furthest from me (~24 miles).
- Attic-mounted omnidirectional antenna.

This sounds a lot like poor OTA signal.

Can you connect the OTA antenna directly to your HDTV and tell us if you get pixelation on live TV?

Yes but it’s going to take a while to get that done. Is the signal strength indicator not a reliable read?

It can be but it is a static / one-time read of the signal.

  1. Also from the OTA antenna to the Tablo is there a splitter in line?
  2. How long is the cable run?
  3. Does the antenna have a pre-amplifier or amplifier?


Great notes from @theuser86 - the signal strength meters are not live. They won’t update according to changes to your setup or weather. Additionally, if there’s a strong pre-amp or amplifier on the line, it could potentially flood and skew the signal giving you false reading.