Ok…I was really happy for about 2 weeks and everything was working great…Now horrible pixelation and retrieving messages make viewing unbearable…I have read a lot of posts and have tried putting the tablo on its side to reduce temp. Only the Tablo hooked to the DB8E antenna which by the way gives me an excellent HD picture when hooked directly to the TV…have installed 2.2.8 and have done a factory reset on my Roku2…still terrible…I have eliminated the Roku by testing with my Samsung tablet…still pixelating…I am usually quite diligent and do not give up…but guess what…oh and the router tests fine when I do a speed test of our network…I am out of things to try and am at the point that I have given up on being wireless…HELP!!!

Do you have an indoor antenna? Are you getting pix on ALL channels? Sounds like weak signal.

I agree. I live about 50 miles to the north of the southern channels and 50 miles south of the northern channels. It’s really a sweet spot to be in. 48 channels total, 42 after getting rid of the useless ones. 4 of them are hit or miss most of the time. 2 of those are VHF. And then some days most all of the southern channels are blocky and unwatchable. Then later in the day they are back to strong signals again. I can live with it because it’s the nature of the beast especially when you don’t have your antennas 35 feet off the ground. Also cable length and their build quality are important. Is your cable length excessive? Are you using any amplifiers?

I live about 40 miles away from my major broadcast antennas and day to day things can be really variable… I chalk it up to weather/wind

SC. I live about 35-40 miles from transmission towers. That would be considered on the fringe of urban location. So I tried about a dozen different INDOOR ANTENNAS some of which were amplified. While I was able to get lots of channels NONE of them were reliable. Needless to say all are back on the dealers shelves.
Sorry to say that unless you are ideally located there’s no substitute for an outdoor antenna or at least a good attic antenna.
FYI I am now using a compact outdoor antenna (RCA ANT751r) with
about 35 ft of high quality cable feeding a two way splitter. One output goes to Tabo input, the other directly to TV. Solid reception on a multitude of channels about half of which I’ve deleted. Pixilations are history and I’m a happy camper. Good luck…

Planes, winds, or someone’s pet dog passing gas ( yes kidding) can all affect a marginal signal.

My experience re pix has always been related to signal strength. Your antenna should be capable of providing a good signal if properly located and installed but it is only a part of the system. I suggest you carefully check all cable connections between antenna and Tablo input. If you are using a splitter, temporarily disconnect it and feed signal only to Tablo input.

(Warning: Humor ahead)

There are many things you can try to boost reception. Here’s an instructional video.

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After the latest update I noticed that local streaming was taking the remote stream settings @TabloTV @TabloSupport when at home. Think this could be your issue @rslagle2 I flipped the remote streaming bitrate to full, fixed it right up.

My issue was streaming to Chromecast, might not apply.

One day my reception went bonkers. Most channels that had been coming in gangbusters were suddenly pixilating. Went to check my antenna to discover it had been blown off course by 50 mph gusts.