Pixelation since 2.2.20


I am not 100% sure if this is a Tablo 2.2.20 related problem, but for the last few days I am having a pixelation problem. I didn’t move my antenna, the setup is the same. The tours are about 8 miles from my home.

My antenna: https://www.primecables.ca/fr/p-356275-cab-av-0966v-primecables-hdtv-outdoor-antenna-high-gain-for-both-vhfuhf with Tablo 4 tuners model using RG6 50 ft cable. I am using Roku Streamstick (2.5.1, I checked this morning).

I plugged the coaxial cable directly to the TV (Panasonic Viera 2009) and no pixelation. With the frequency meter, I checked and the channel was 100%. I rescan from Tablo and all green dots, but still pixelation. Just to be sure, I rebooted the router (TP-Link Archer 7) and the Tablo. Still the same issue.

All was working well before… I don’t understand.



I suspect this is coincidental and not because of 2.2.20. If you’re only 8 miles from the transmitters and your TV is showing the signal strength as “100%”, you might actually have too much signal rather than too little. Overdriving a receiver will keep it from decoding a signal just like too little signal or too much noise would.
Do you have any passive splitters around that would be used to split the signal for multiple TVs? Try inserting one (or progressively a few) in series to drop the signal strength to see if it helps. If so, you can buy an attenuator that would accomplish the task more neatly.

No slitter at all, directly from the antenna to the Tablo.

Never had any problem before, that’s why I was suspecting the last firmware update.

I’m suggesting you try adding a splitter as a test. A splitter will attenuate the signal by around 3db and might help. I suggest using that because they’re cheap and more readily available than attenuators and many people have one or two lying around.

I will give it a try! Thanks!

@nmathon Lots of great details on splitters and other antenna accessories here:


Also, for those who don’t have super strong signals… This time of year is when tree foliage starts getting much thicker and can begin to cause reception issues.

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@TabloTV Yeah, I read it but figured I didn’t need anything, all was working well since this week-end…

I will try to split tonight and maybe buy an attenuator.

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Might not have anything to do with the update at all. But, the “loading” problem I used to have is back sine I updated to the new software.

I also have the pixelation problem but I’m leery as to it being a Tablo problem. I’m thinking it may be an interface problem between Roku and the Tablo app since I’m also seeing pixelation on other apps such as CBS All Access since the update.

Hi again,

Just tried to add a splitter and still the same issue with 1 channel (100% signal). I will try to move my antenna tomorrow and try to lower the signal without affecting the other channels.

Strange that i didn’t have this problem before, I have been running Tablo without any problem since march.

Update: went upstairs and unplugged Tablo and then plugged it back in and haven’t had any of the loading or pixelation problems since!

Just a follow up, my Tablo was downgraded to 2.2.18 and I am still having pixelation issues.

So basically, this is not a firmware problem. I’m having this problem since the first week-end of june.

Maybe something in the way between the tower and my antenna. The problem is worst with the Tablo 4 tuners than directly in my TV Tuner, do you thing I should use an in-line preamp (signal strength is between 85% and 100% for all my channels).

But the problem is worst with channel 8.1 (TVA) that is VHF. The other channels are all UHF, maybe something I could add to my setup to help VHF channels (some filter, I don’t know)?

Thanks to all!

Is your antenna designed to receive low or high VHF? The elements for UHF and VHF are different, I had to order a VHF accessory for my Antennas Direct DB8e. If your antenna was designed for VHF, then this is probably a signal strength or quality issue. I had to test many compass orientations before I was able to receive one of my VHF stations clearly. I had access to an HDhomerun that would give me strength and quality measurements in each antenna position.

Here is my antenna, towers are 8.1 and 8.8 miles from my home.

Signal strength is high, but I don’t have anything to know the quality…

That antenna supports VHF and has many times the range you need even if its’ installed in an attic. Have you tried different compass orientations to see if there is any impact?

@linuxguy: Yes, I tested it but was bored after climbing in the attic about 10 times. I think I should get the iPad with me and watch Live TV from there while changing antenna positions.

By the way, I started a new thread since the problem is not related to the firmware: Summer - Interference problems