Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


@Daniel454 Sorry dude :disappointed: No dice on that which I know is disappointing. Doing my best to keep everyone’s feature wish-list priorities front & center with the dev team.

That being said, this is the beginning step in a big project to make all of the web and Android-based apps (including Fire TV) much more stable and user-friendly. It does include a major overhaul of Chromecast integration which has been on a lot of people’s list as well.

Once we complete this cleanup project, we’ll hopefully be able to add some of the features like this that I know you guys have been waiting a long time for.


I mentioned it earlier, but just want to mention it again.

When it comes to more advanced features like this, I have a feeling that most of us would be perfectly willing to have the feature only be available through the web app. This would make it MUCH easier/quicker to implement since you’re not having to update dozens of platforms. It would also keep the other platforms much cleaner and simpler, which is important when you’re trying to use a remote control.


I like this idea. Add it to the web app…


Yes please add this to the web UI at least.

Have been using dvrs since the first TiVo and I would consider this a must have fuctionality.

At a minimum lease add to web UI asap.



+1 for this idea. It will be faser to implement


We hear you guys - this is something that is filtering up to the top of the priority list. Hoping we can get it done because I know you guys will enjoy it :slight_smile:


Thanks! As many have said at a min please add to the web UI asap. It’s not ideal but is better than not having it at all. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Same here, please add the feature. +1 vote!


'cuz it’s hard to find missing features before you buy?


Agreed 100%. Like @zippy mentioned, because this feature exists on most (if not all other) “full-blown” DVRs, consumer would take it for granted that it’s a basic feature. Likewise, when we purchase a TV, most of us would not even think about checking whether it comes with a tuner; but thanks to Vizio, we need to be more alert nowadays (but at least Vizio did have the word “Tuner-Free” on their spec).

To me, that’s like buying a Tesla and found out it does not have a/c :disappointed:


“a/c” as an every unit feature. I remember when heaters were optional and windshield wipers were vacuum driven. Electric windshield wipers were an option.

Or a 1959 MGA roadster without rollup windows - bolt on plastic - and where you often had to use a handcrank to start the engine.


You can still buy brand new Nissan and Hyundai cars without AC.

I never would, but it exists.


Unless you are a snowflake that is use to always receiving a participation award, you shouldn’t expect every product to have every feature or that every feature meets all your expectations.

I’m still trying to order a car with an ejector seat like James Bond had in Goldfinger. I can think of a few people who need a ride…


Likewise, manufacturer shouldn’t expect consumer to accept their product as-is and ignore consumer feedback. That’s the whole reason for the Feature Request forum :slight_smile:


Scrolling through this, I saw someone say that they noticed this 31 days in. I noticed it within 3 hours of setting it up, and for ALL news shows, it’s a given. I’m never going to watch the news from a week ago unless ONE TIME a family member is on it or something. And even then, I’d rather you delete it than keep it.

@TabloTV Your mobile app is already good enough. You should work on adding features ONLY to the web UI right now, at least until low-hanging fruit like this is taken care of. I will set The Today Show’s settings once and then, if this feature is there, NEVER EVER TOUCH IT AGAIN! I can walk to my desktop in the other room for that. Hell, my wife can wait to adjust a recording setting until I’m home if I’m travelling for a few days for work. That’s how unnecessary this is for mobile apps.


The forum has many threads on feature requests. It’s hard to say how many feature requests have actually been implemented across all apps.

This thread, for this feature, is 27 months old. Maybe the fruit isn’t so low hanging.

Or maybe the feature will be implemented soon. So many users have ask for so many variations of this feature it’s possible that the implementation could end up smelling like the bloom of the Amorphophallus titanum plant.


Adding the feature just the way it was mocked up 20 months ago by @stolicow in ONLY the web UI would have fixed this to the point that I wouldn’t have bothered posting about it. If someone wants to record The Simpsons and is worried about having 12 old episodes and 2 new ones, that’s a very special case. I’m talking about something ANYONE that watches any news channel would want.


Exactly. News and game shows. There’s no reason to keep more than a certain number of either of those. No need to overcomplicate things.

And if implemented ONLY in the web UI (which we can ALL use), it’s perfect. In fact, I’m not sure I would WANT it cluttering up other interfaces. This is a set once (per show that you want to limit) and forget about it setting.


Do you think there is a condition where a person goes out of town for 3-4 weeks and would like to catch up on the local news when they get home?

If so maybe “something ANYONE that watches any news channel would want” isn’t a correct statement.


I doubt many people would want to go back and watch several weeks worth of news, but if someone wanted to do that, they either wouldn’t set a limit to the number of episodes, or they would have increased the limit while they were gone.