Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


You know, this part of the community forum is a place for feature requests–and this is a feature request thread.

If you’re not here to place a feature request, then why ARE you here? Do you and your buddy come here to trash on those who do request features? Is this how you get your entertainment?


Very nice. Willing to pay the price?


I too am very interested in the “save X recordings per show” feature. If i could only do it limited to per channel, and/or only through the web interface, that is no problem. It’s a real pain having to click through 45 episodes of the news to get to tonight’s broadcast. And I don’t feel like deleting one by one either. I suppose batch delete would be a partial solution.


Or at least sort the episodes so the newest ones are at the top!!!


Guys - we’ve heard you on this feature. We know you want it. We would like to do it but as I mentioned previously you’ll need to be patient a bit longer.

Can we stop with the mudslinging and the demon exorcism and the whatnot in the meantime?


I had already spent $637 for my TiVo equipment long before I went to Tablo. I never would’ve gone back to TiVo if Tablo had the “keep only X episodes” feature. Yes, I missed it that much. I know that many Tablo users are fine without this feature, I understand that to them, it’s a minor inconvenience endured to escape a cable TV bill.

Had these 3 things happened before I laid out $475 for a 4-tuner Tablo + lifetime guide data, I never would have done it.

  1. If I’d only looked on the back of my TiVo and realized that I could connect an antenna before I bought Tablo.
  2. If only TiVo would have offered me a lifetime subscription for $100 before I bought Tablo.
  3. If only I’d known that Tablo didn’t have the “keep only X episodes” feature before I bought Tablo.

So I paid another $200 for 2 TiVo lifetime subscriptions and now I am cord cutting with my (not so) old TiVo equipment and have all the features I like, including being able to stream to my devices with my TiVo Stream. I enjoyed using my Tablo, I really did. But to be fiscally responsible, I must now sell it. :cry:



I also want to mention it once more. Please add that “keep last X episodes” feature.

I don’t care having a Kodi plugin or a Windows Metro app or whatever new supported device. If I need to buy a Roku or an Amazon Fire or an Nvidia Shield or whatever else to have that feature, I will buy it because I love my Tablo.

But please, just implement the damn feature somewhere, soon !


Let me add my frustration to this thread.

I really was expecting this feature when I bought the Tablo (new user as of Sept 2016). Like any other DVR, this should be standard functionality.

I am debating returning the Tablo and going HDHomeRun with Plex DVR, as even in their first launch this simple feature was included. Not to mentioned NextPVR and other DVR applications have had this for years.

It made me ever more angry that this has been supported in the firmware for over a year and 3 months (July 2015 comment by TabloTV as reference), without any movement on the frontend. What are we paying for?

I would highly recommend Tablo re-prioritize this request and tie up the loose ends of having the code working in the firmware but not accessible to your end user just because your graphical team “hasn’t gotten around to it”.

Like others have said, simply allowing it to be set in the WebUI is great, as this is a setting that wont be changed very often.


Tablo, please it has been well over a year for this feature request. Plex has already had 3 iterations of their DVR software within the last 60 days to include this feature… it cannot be that difficult to simply keep X amount of episodes for X show.


@Aberrix Hey there - we’re certainly not ignoring this! We’ve got lots to work on right now, and it all depends on how each feature request weighs in with the roadmap. Stay tuned.


After 2 years of requests for a simple fix, TABLO doesn’t seem interested in addressing customer concerns.


This would definitely be a nice feature to have.

For more advanced features like this, I think it’s perfectly acceptable (and maybe even better) if it’s ONLY available through the web interface.


Man, I wish this feature existed. It would especially be helpful for the news. News just isn’t any good after a few days but I’d love to record it so I could watch the latest episodes. If I did add news to my schedule, the HDD would fill up rather quickly since the local news airs 4 times a day.


+1 for this feature. I’m coming from Dish and this is a feature that comes with the DISH DVR that I use quite often. I get that you do it at a disk level and that you can protect things but I’d still like to have that level of granularity of control.


Can we please have this feature next @TabloTV?


I’ve had Tablo for 15 months and this is the feature on my top wishlist since day one :disappointed:

And to be honest, I did not expect Tablo to NOT have this feature before my purchase, based on my prior experiences with other DVRs (1st gen Tivo, DirecTV DVR, Window Media Center).


Yes, this would be a great feature. Daily/weekly shows like talk shows are usually pretty time-sensitive, in the sense that once current events are different, there’s no point in watching them. I’d love to always have the latest Colbert/Meyers/SNL etc. but never have any older ones.



I was the original requestor of this feature. If you scroll back over the history, it was over two years ago. It is hard to imagine that Tablo product management would ignore the second most commented on and third most viewed topic in the feature requests section of their community site. I would think, especially since they admitted that the capability is there just not exposed to users, that a junior programmer could have it coded in 30 minutes.

Anyways, I have since given up my Tablo subscription. After a year of using it and having to clean up old episodes every two or three weeks we went another route. If you leave it be and the disk fills up the wrong stuff gets automatically removed.

Our tablo is still in a box somewhere, may pull it back out if I see they have done something about this request. Not going to hold my breath though.


Just a recommendation, but because tech ages and obsoletes quickly, if I were you, I’d look to sell your Tablo while it still has value. I’ve ended up with tons of nice (worthless) stuff by waiting…


[quote=“TabloTV, post:18, topic:10400”]
It will be going into beta shortly and we’ll let you know when it’s live.
[/quote]Ahem… @TabloTV … Any chance the above referenced (from another thread) update / beta MIGHT include this per episode limit feature??? Pretty Please!!!