Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes



Anyway, that doesn’t change the fact that (a) this is a core function, and (b) many people want it–includng people who haven’t yet bought Tablo.


Do you have any statistics - facts - to back up these statements? If you can show us your studies (graphs, tables and charts) it would lend some credibility to your assertions. Take some time and come back when you have some empirical and scientific evidence…much better than anecdotal stuff. We’ll check in with you from time to time to see how that work is coming along.


As you asked for;


adam1991keeps talking about “standard DVR features”, “very basic function”, and “very core and founding DVR feature”. I’m expecting to find some kind of standard that everyone can read and understand. Maybe something from IEEE, IETF, ISO, or even a standard developed by a consortium of DVR manufactures.

beastman included a link to a dishtv WEB site but that also doesn’t reference a standard.


I don’t see it listed as a feature here:
enter link description here


Another one but not a standard. Isn’t Google excellect!

@TabloTV Please also add start 5 minutes early. Look at all the other options these two have.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
This isn’t a constructive exchange. It’s clear that the feature is quite important to some and not important to others. I think the developers have a clear idea of what those that want the feature would like. Taunting one another isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, nor is it going to convince the developers to act. It’s unlikely that there’s going to be an ISO standard for how a user interface feature should act, nor does lack of such a standard mean that variations of it aren’t widely present in the field. Can we please just back away from the reply button on this topic for a while?

I really enjoy the product and look forward to it getting better, and this community is generally well-behaved and helpful. I’d personally like to see this feature added, but I’m patiently waiting. And please- don’t throw tomatoes at me for speaking up… :wink:


Amen and good nite!!


Agreed. And take note of your reference to “feature” rather than “core function”.


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No more post from me…just posted two examples that have it.


WTF are you talking about?

You mean this thread where people talk about wanting it?


Tomato, tomahto.

If Tablo is the only one that doesn’t have some variation of that feature, then not having it is an anomaly. If every other DVR has some variation of that feature, then yes, it’s a core feature.

But you apparently don’t like my calling it a core feature. That upsets you enough to violate your stated boredom with the topic.

Individually select which recorded shows can be deleted automatically


I think it comes down to manufacturers hype in many cases. “HD” antennas have become a signature selling point. It’s a bogus non existant feature. Antennas don’t differentiate between standard or HD. Some car manufacturers will “feature” certain items that others simply incorporate as standard equipment.
I view a FUNCTION as a basic means of accomplishing a task. A FEATURE as a means of facilitating or enhancing a function. A steering wheel functions as a means of controlling direction. Power steering is a feature that facilitates the function by making it easier. Just Symantecs? Maybe.


People want it and they will get it. To everything there is a season. Everything in its time and place. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for setting to limit the number of saved posts. We will lift our eyes to the cloud and see this saving happen! Yea verily the Tablo assembly will deliver it. Peace Bro. :v:




You know, this part of the community forum is a place for feature requests–and this is a feature request thread.

If you’re not here to place a feature request, then why ARE you here? Do you and your buddy come here to trash on those who do request features? Is this how you get your entertainment?


Yikes power steering was a interesting example. The 3 major U.S. manufacturers all had different assist levels that augmented the effort required to steer the wheels. G.M had 70% assist, Ford 80%, and Chrysler 90%-100% . And a Chrysler required dedicated attention to keep it in the lane. Otherwise the slightest hand movement would cause it to drift.

I drive a “66” mustang with NO power steering and it steers easier and better then my Toyota. So sometimes the lack of a feature can actually be an improvement over an over engineered solution.


And the beat goes on. In case you haven’t followed this rant from the getgo he neither owns a Tablo nor a TiVo DVR yet comes to this forum not seeking help or advice but with much self righteous indignation about a feature he wants implemented here pronto. When challenged as to why he doesn’t simply purchase any of the other DVR’s implementing the features he’s so horny for - he remains silent. Not ready for Tablo and not ready to put his money where his mouth is. Time to sh… or get off the pot - ya think?
We here who have made the investment in Tablo, warts and all, have made many requests for additional features. Some have been fulfilled, others not. All in all I think the Tablo folks have made good decisions in the way they have prioritized and implemented many of those requests.
Every DVR on the market today represents a trade off between performance and cost and in my opinion none provide the complete package. Most of us here obviously have decided that Tablo represents the best compromise.


Agreed. My brother had a Buick many years ago that you could virtually steer with one finger. Damn how I hated to drive that car.
I would think a modern day car would be programmed to vary the effort required based on the speed of the vehicle, or is that already a done deal? Sorry to be off topic here but it is of interest.