Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


Your attitude is, like it or lump it. Your attitude is that of someone who hates to see anyone disagree with what he chose to buy. Your attitude is to defend your purchase for some reason, no matter what.


Wrong. I’ve already wished you luck with your DVR of choice (whatever that may be). I’m fine with my choice. You’re the angry malcontent.


It really seems to bother you that I want Tablo to have this feature, so much so that I speak out about it.

You equate “he speaks out about it!” with “angry malcontent”.

I would turn that back around and call your satisfaction with the status quo, malaise at best. You take what’s given you and never disagree with it, to the point where you must…do whatever it is you’re doing to those who dare to speak up and disagree.

Disagreement bothers you, and you really want me to stop disagreeing (at least vocally and publicly) with Tablo’s choice in this matter.

Me, I’d rather Tablo acknowledge this large shortcoming and fix their feature set. And yes, it is a large shortcoming.

Now, tell us how this is being an “angry malcontent”. Do I scare you by daring to speak out?


Haven’t seen so much venting since Mt St Helens erupted. Must have touched a nerve.
RX - Give your back slapping arm a rest. Take a valium. Call me in the morning.


Well, Jerry, you sure do get worked up by someone asserting himself and his opinions that happen to differ from yours.

It’s no stress for me to come here and state my opinion; apparently, though, you won’t stand for it. Good for you. Stand up for what you believe in. By God, no one will suggest that your choice is somehow inferior in any way!


Hey agent1991 - Big Al, head honcho at Tivo Central says your money has been deposited and you can now withdraw from the field. Your latest efforts have become counterproductive here at Tablo anyway. Your next assignment will be at Channel Master.



Interesting - with his sacred “core function” readily available elsewhere he continues to hover over us depositing his brain droppings everywhere.
In any case it’s not even a “function” at all. As it applies here a function is the ability to perform a given task. In this scenario that task can be accomplished with one finger. A “feature” would be a more appropriate designation by making the function more accessible. Yes the feature would be nice. No not a deal breaker for most.


When all else fails invoke the almighty (by God). Hallelujah!


May need to go back to the demon exorcism again…


What’s interesting is I thought I had this configured shortly after I bought mine and it was removed in a firmware update. I could be wrong.



Oh, I get it–“he doesn’t like what Tablo is, he must be a competitor”.

Yep. Got it. Uh-huh.

Pardon me for having expectations for the world, and for expressing them.

But I will continue to express them. Here, as needed, until Tablo figures out basic DVR technology.


I’m not allowed to want better for Tablo? I’m not allowed to keep this issue at the top of the forum list and in front of Tablo’s attention, so that I can get a Tablo with this feature?

Do you expect everyone in the world to be satisfied with the same “good enough” that you apparently are satisfied with?

And again, you have no idea what I’m talking about. It has nothing to do with “accomplished with one finger”. That you don’t realize this, shows your total lack of imagination.


Shanta umma devrida fudera muhlika. Out you demon, leave this child. Ah this thing doesn’t come out without much prayer and fasting!!! We need a 24 hour around the clock prayer chain to liberate our dear brother from his bondage.


My nephew reprogrammed the Rdio button on my Roku remote to so now it is a button to “keep last 10 recordings”.


Ah, another one who truly has no idea how large the world around him is, and how people do things differently than he does.


Really… interesting… tell us more.

As far as I know, the ROKUs buttons are programed into the firmware.

I’ike to know how to do this.




Way to go!


Earth to adam. Messages received. Once was sufficient. Twice was redundant. Multiple times… f’n boring.

If you’ve put your money where your mouth is and have purchased a TiVo to fulfill your ultimate desire then there’s really no need to bore everyone here with your endless rants. I’m fine with Tablo. Always seeking a better mousetrap? Sure. Do I need to go on TiVo community forums and rant endlessly about their Robber Baron fees? Not really. They’re happy, I’m happy. Everybody’s happy… except - poor put upon adam. Sad.


Let’s see, you’re bored…

a) how does that affect me

b) you sure don’t act bored

You’re fine with Tablo. Great. Why are you in this thread? It started about a core feature that you’re not interested in…or are you?

That you’re satisfied with the status quo is meaningful to this thread…how?

Oh–and I see you’ve made a WAG that I’ve bought a Tivo. Where did you come up with that information? PhreeTV did. Me? Oh, I see–I mentioned (once!) that Tivo and ReplayTV had this feature long ago. Somehow from that you made the WAG that I have bought Tivo?

By the way, are you aware that many people do things differently than you do? You seem to think that because YOU’RE happy with the way YOU do it, then no one has the right to complain because the product is “fine” the way it is.

Yes, God forbid anyone wants to do something you’re not doing–like watch every single thing you record, then hit the delete button. Clearly anyone who wants to do otherwise is…what, Jerry?

Oh–and again, if you’re bored by this discussion, why are you actively engaging yourself in it?


Mirda shuntala ferapoda piktranon astla jova!!!