Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


ALL have 5.1 and save x recordings.


Save X is a common “feature”, but it is not functionality. Users can delete shows (and it really doesn’t take long to do) on the Tablo. It just doesn’t have the feature of “Save X” (though it sounds like it will soon).

SimpleTv does not have 5.1 sound either.


Absolutely that is core functionality. DVRs have limited space available to them. From the beginning (17 years now), DVRs of all makes have had this core functionality. Choosing to declare it to be “not core” is being an apologist for Tablo.

Go ahead, buy a family sedan that doesn’t have doors. Would you? I can argue, just like you, that doors are a “feature that could make the car better but aren’t core functionality”–the purpose of a car being to get you down the road using an engine, wheels, and a steering wheel.

Apologize all you will for Tablo’s insane lack of this very core and founding DVR feature, but that doesn’t change that a DVR lacking such core functionality–after TWO YEARS, no less–isn’t what DVR users would consider usable.

Frankly, it’s as if the Tablo team never saw a Tivo or a ReplayTV. I can’t imagine that to be true, but the evidence is there.


Too much hyperbole in this thread.


I agree.
What do mirrored parabolas have to do with anything anyway. :wink:


I think it is really interesting and really nice to see so many of you concerned with “trivial matters of volume and series numbers, etc”. I say this as a happy Tablo user of almost two years who has had a few problems from time to time, but have been very happy with our Tablo DVR and the way it performs over three TVs and three computers with a variety of devices – two Roku 3s, 1 Nexus Player , 2 ipads, 2 iphones and 1 Apple TV. (I think this is an advancement of technology that is really amazing from such a small box)

And I don’t say trivial to upset you, but I really think that anything I can easily control by one finger is not really a big problem. Over the past 12 months there have been a lot of people on this form that have had some really NON trivial problems and it seems the 2.2.8 and 2.2.9 have solved a LOT of those NON trivial problems for a lot of them. (I cannot imagine how Tablo fights so many fires on so many different fronts at one time) How quickly we forget the progress that Tablo has made over the last 12 months. Now I admit that we have been among the bunch of users that have a very good experience with Tablo, but I have felt the others pain.


Since this is a Tablo forum and community for those benefiting from its functionality, why are you here? Exactly what are you trying to prove those enjoying this device? If you don’t like it, take off for the Tivo forums where you can interact with likeminded people. You walk into Starbucks to preach about Keurig functionality there? Your Tivo remuneration should be in the mail any day now…


I like my Tablo and have the lifetime EPG. It’s just all these little things that are on the never ending list, and taking 16 days to get data for a channel when TitanTV has it the same day as broadcast. Is there a way to REFUND the lifetime EPG and use manual recording as I am being forced to do by the choice of guide providers chosen for METV?


I’m here because I want a Tablo, and almost bought one, but just realized by accident that it doens’t have this very core feature–and I’m preaching to the community that it is indeed a core feature, and needs to be added and not ignored.

My guess is, you’ve never had this feature. That’s why you don’t understand it.

I didn’t realize that this community was here to make people gather and feel better about themselves because they all have the same (faulty) thing and experience. Oh, wait–it’s not.

Why are you so upset about a dissenting opinion? Do you honestly believe that Tablo should never be criticized or encouraged to do better, especially on such core functionality as this? Again, imagine a car company creating a family sedan without doors. Would you be there defending them simply because you bought one, despite the fact that “doors” is a feature every family sedan has had forever?

If I am somehow forcing you to see the reality that Tablo isn’t all unicorn breath and rainbows, and you don’t like that…well, I don’t know what to tell you. Tablo isn’t perfect, and is in fact lacking a very core, very fundamental DVR function. I’d like to buy a Tablo for all that it is otherwise, but none of that overcomes its lack of core functionality.


Well, somehow, we manage to muddle along without this “core” feature. Indeed, it would help keep the number of episodes of Ellen down to a manageable level, but I don’t have to deal with that and the wife seems happy enough.

So I agree that it would be useful, I don’t think anyone would dispute that. I (and I think others) disagree with it being described as a “core” feature.


That you “muddle through” and don’t see the usefulness of doors on a family sedan, doesn’t change things.

The fact remains, such a feature has been on DVRs since the beginning. It’s ludicrous that anyone would set out to create a DVR and, two years later, still not have it.


I have had the feature on previous DVRs, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it much. Sure, I would probably use it (sometimes) if it were on the Tablo. For me, I just buy a larger hard drive to ensure that I have enough of the shows I want. Even with my 1 TB drive, I have about 90 days worth of recorded daily shows–that’s enough for me.


The Tablo folks know people want this feature. The Tablo folks have the code already on the Tablo. It is just a matter of modifying the front-end interfaces to use that code, and that takes some time for them.

So coming here and complaining about a feature that will be implemented and that can be worked around pretty easily using the existing delete functionality seems petty.



What may be “fundamental” for you is nit picking for others. Employing just one of my 10 readily accessible fingers the labor intensive task is done. Record, view, delete. For me the heart of the matter goes to good DVR functionality at a reaonably sustainable cost. I haven’t found a more cost effective alternative to Tablo to date.
Enjoy your other available options. I am enjoying mine.


complaining about something that will be implemented is the same as complaining about something that isn’t implemented. How easily they can do it, is unimportant.

As for “worked around,” the whole point of a computerized system is so I don’t have to do a bunch of manual steps repeatedly to achieve the same end. “Can be worked around” is like that family sedan not having seat belts–but that’s OK, you can easily tie ropes to the seats and use them.


It’s not fundamental just to me; it’s not nitpicking at all. It’s been a core feature of every DVR since they began.

That YOU don’t care about it, doesn’t mean it’s not a core feature or that it’s nitpicking. What it sounds like is that you are desperate to defend YOUR choice no matter what, by belittling anyone who chooses not to accept what you chose to accept.

Note that I never belittled anyone; you’re the one doing that, for reasons known only to you.

And it’s not “record, view, delete”. Trust me.

You may enjoy yours, but what you may not do is try to belittle people who hold different opinions than you–especially when the industry has spoken, “save X number of shows” has been a standard for years, and Tablo has chosen to ignore the standard behavior.


adam 1991. Misbehaving Tablo:

Disagreement does not constitute belittlement. If I wanted to be belittling I would have written;
You’re like a child screaming over his hot fudge sundae because they didn’t top it off with chopped almonds.
But I didn’t do that.


I don’t know why you are talking about doors being useful on cars. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

If you read the comment you replied to, you would see that I agreed with you this feature would be useful. I disagreed with you that it was core functionality.

Did you come back just to wind everyone up? If so, just heave off.


Yes but straight A’s for consistency.


And yet here you are…?