Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


Is this a thing yet? Seems like a big deal to let go for so long. The today show is nightmare without this.


Just got my new Tablo. I’m moving from being a long-time user of SageTV, even though the company was sold to Google years ago. It has been excellent - but time to move on. I’m just adding my vote to this one. It is really important to me as I need to record several news shows, but I only want to keep current ones. I actually think there should be an “advanced settings” screen for recordings that let you choose max episodes, quality different from default, and preferred recording channel. All of those were available to me in SageTV and I used them regularly. Number of episodes is most important.


Long time SageTV user here as well. I went through all Sage versions up to the last one and it just kept getting better. The advanced recording screen had just about every option you could want. I think Tablo is ‘several years’ away from all those features. I too find the number of News recordings piling up useless and a task for me to remember to delete them periodically.


This is a good idea.


The simpsons is one of those shows i’d like to keep say 10 of the most recently aired (repeat) episodes of but not 150 of them …


I too would like the option to only save X number of episodes for a given show. I would like to record only the latest episode of the news and/or late night talk shows.


Add me to the list of people who would like this. I record the nightly news daily and if I’m ever gone for while the episodes build up over time. I don’t want to go back and watch old news so being able to set a limit of one episode so I have the current day’s news ready to go would be great.


Another vote for this from me.


Ditto for me. I stopped recording Jeopardy because I don’t watch all the time, and I don’t want to have 130 episodes of it.


I created this feature request 13 months or so ago. @TabloTV kept saying it was on their short list, but still no movement as of now. We went back to using our FIOS dvr which has this feature.


Doesn’t FIOS require you to actually pay for cable?


Count me in on this as well.

Not only news shows. But some “filler” shows like Hollywood Game Night. I don’t need 5 of them… Just 1-2 to put on as background noise every once in a while.


I love TabloTV except for not being able to specify that I only want to keep the latest X number of episodes when I set up a recording. Just having options for keeping the latest 1, 5, or 10 episodes would suffice.

Why is this important to me? Because once a week I must use the Tablo web app to go through all my recordings, deleting older episodes that I’ll never have time to watch. I can only speed this process up by marking each unwanted episodes as watched then deleting all watched episodes which makes it just a little faster than deleting them individually.

This is an unnecessary weekly hassle. I paid $300 for this Tablo DVR assuming that it would have this very basic feature. If you are not going to provide this, I would like to return it and get a $150 refund on my lifetime guide and then use my (older generation) TiVo box that has this feature for $13/month for 3 years for the same $450. Maybe by then you will have this feature?

My only alternative to this is to never delete anything, let my 2TB hard drive fil up, and let Tablo delete the oldest episodes to make room for the new ones. My concern about this is that it could create performance issues that are common to any full hard drive.

A multitude of Tablo users have been requesting this feature for over a year now. Why do we not have this yet? I had this feature on my TiVo, Dish Network, Time Warner, and AT&T U-Verse equipment. Come on Tablo give us this feature! NOW!


I also consider this a must-have feature on my DVR requirement; and to be honest, quite a bit disappointment when I found out that Tablo did not have it. Like you said, I’ve used this essential feature on all DVRs that I previously owned - Tivo, Replay, DirecTV DVR, WMC; and was very surprised to NOT see that on the Tablo, which appears to me is a state of the art product. Can @TabloTV please share some info on the status of this feature request?


This feature is enabled on the server side… We just need two things:

1 - A plan on how to implement this within the UI. There are several bits & pieces like this that could be considered ‘advanced’ recording settings that could be grouped together.

2 - Dedicated time from all of the UI teams to create this to make sure we have it on as many interfaces as possible.

But re: #2, maybe this is something that would only be needed on the web UI since it would likely be set once when you originally set the series recording? What do you guys think?


I would like to see that at least in the web UI so at least we have something to use as soon as possible :smile:


Totally agree that doing it in the web interface first is the way to go.

This feature request (which I made 15 months ago) is in the top 5 to 10 of most viewed and most replied to on your forum. I don’t see how any product manager could ignore this one any longer.

I mocked this up for you guys 8 months ago…


Great news. My vote is for the web ui for now. We need this feature now.


I am fine with having access to this only on the web app. This could also be the case with implementing other features that may be more “advanced”.

Fingers crossed!


Agree, only on the Web UI is fine for now.

I wouldn’t back burner other devices forever, but to get it out sooner than later, sure the Web UI is a great place to start.

I typically use the Web App for setting up new recordings since I am sitting at a computer all day every day for work.