Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


Let’s say that you are a Simpsons fan. New episodes are on FOX on Sundays, but repeats from other seasons are on a different channel on weeknights. How would you want the Tablo to handle saving “x” episodes?

One big issue with the Tablo and “saving x episodes” is that the Tablo doesn’t care what channel shows are on. Most DVRs let you pick which channel to record, so I could see the Tablo struggling. One way around it is to add more screens so you can specify “Save X recordings per season”, and I bet that is what Tablo is considering. Either that, or the Tablo will finally allow the user to set up recordings per channel.


This is very different than the save X episodes feature lol


To make matters worse… In my area we have a non FOX channel that runs a TON of simpsons episodes and more aggravatingly has no show details … so you really have no idea what episode its recording …

That said… due to this avalanche of episodes I am still in favor of per show limit… where you set X number of episodes and it only keeps the last X recorded episodes (oldest recording deleted first regardless)… (even if its new vs re-run)

id even be happy with a limit on “OTHER SEASONS” aka generic i-dont-have-a-clue-what-episode-this-is season


I started getting the “other seasons” Simpsons episodes this year as well. Pre-2015, every episode was assigned to a season.


Check my comment under Tablo Ripper. This suggestion is another slant on that, but rather than reaching into the Tablo unit and fiddling with the disk a good Windows programmer could do it externally. Both my sons are really top level programmers (PhD in Computer Science types) and I told them when they were kids “Anything that can be done with a keyboard and a mouse can be done in software.” So here a Windows program would, in the background, look at each show and count the number of episodes. If more than is on a list, deletes the extras, making Tablo think it is being commanded to do so from a Chrome app. Sure, far better if Tablo implemented it, but sometimes one just needs to do what needs doing. Look at the Tablo Ripper. The fellow that came up with the PLEX app. If Tablo is going to continue to have the characteristics of a hacker group, then hack!


Sadly I am not a windows user so I havent been looking much at that thread… ill check it when I can.


Here’s my quarterly comment to raise this feature once again. Any status?


@stolicow - Was actually just chatting about it today with the team. It’s floating much closer to the top of the priority list but I don’t have an ETA to share.


Were it done before Bulk Erase, there would have been little demand for Bulk Erase. With SAGE I recorded just the most current of all the network evening news broadcasts, plus the local late night. Sometimes watching a show they would tease the news and my wife would want to see it, so this way I always had it, but at just one show per, it was very tidy. Same thing for Today Show, Late Show, etc. Glad to see stolicow bring it up; I had given up on it.


Save x episodes per show per channel to handle same show on multiple channels.


Some shows have a shelf life of an ice cube … hello nightly evening news… (dont need to save more than 1 of those a day)


Prior to firmware 2.2.2 the tablo forum had hundreds of posts about bulk delete. Why, because users could not manage their recordings and disk sizes were limited to 2 gig. Now after bulk delete here we go again. Auto delete based on some magic number of saved episodes. Why, users can’t manage their recordings.

There must be features more important than this. Tablo claims to have a prioritized list of future features. Maybe tablo needs to publicize that list so users that can manage their recordings can actually see what the future holds.


Right now the main priority is the Roku rebooting when recording 1080 quality.

After that, I don’t know, but there is a beta for Tablo Preview for the Roku and FireTV as of yesterday. Among other things, the Roku one fixes the Roku LT to watch Live and Recordings. With the existing released version all you can do is look at the schedule and your recordings. When you try to play, it exits Tablo.


“Roku rebooting when recording 1080 quality”? Roku 3 has been rebooting when recording at 720p quality for 6 months.

But it is much better after the last Roku firmware update.


Seriously Zippy? If I don.t get around to seeing The Late Show every night I should open a browser to bulk delete last week’s shows? Or if I’m away for a week or two? Programmable episode count was one of the top features of the SAGETV GUI. And it we had that, what need for bulk delete in the first place?


Would be a great / nice feature. But it is not a make or break deal.

As for your buffering issues, Tablo needs to sort that out now.


Well “oldmike”, I actually do have 50 recordings each of Corden, Fallon, and Kimmel (plus many others) and I’m still able to manage the recordings on my 2 tablos.

In the 11 months I’ve had my tablos, besides bug fixes, the only feature that has been of any benefit to me is the preview GIF’s on the fast forward. Of course I’m still waiting for the fully featured Roku app.

How many forum posts have there been on delete when disk is full, bulk delete, and now save so many episodes.

All tablo really has to do is implement delete like email delete from 15 years ago. Users go down their list of episodes, check the ones they want deleted and click the delete marked button. But even that may be too hard for some people.


I guess what I consider to be a full featured entertainment system is one that is totally automatic. The ideal would be that I never have to open a browser to maintain it, or click through TV screens to do so. Sure, add new subscriptions, take out old ones, but otherwise it just runs day in and day out for weeks or months and all I have to do is watch whatever is presented to me. So it records what I want, discards what I don’t per my instructions. If you want all of Kimmel and only the last two of Cobert, you could do so. Or not, but the capability would be there. Unless you just enjoy tending to your list.


Everyone has their own personal opinion of what a “full featured entertainment system” is.

I want to wean myself off of the WEB app. I would like a full featured Roku app, including the settings menu. Plus, when using Live TV, faster switching between 2 channels, so I actually trick my mind into thinking I’m channel surfing.

I’m a big enough boy to handle deleting episodes. Especially, after I had tablo schedule a “record all” on a 30 hour 3 Stooges marathon, went of a 3 day fishing trip and came back to find that all the episodes were 15-20 minutes long - hundreds of them.


I suggest delete when you click delete, BUT don’t really delete them - have a trashcan, and the ability to undelete. If you select empty trash, then really delete them.