Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


Please implement this in the Android app so that I can use it with my Gen 2 Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box.

I don’t care if it’s ever implemented anywhere else.


I may have indicated +1 to this somewhere else, if so then +100 now.


What’s the status with this? WebUI is fine, heck I’ll even take command line interface (CLI) as someone said :slight_smile:
Just give us a way. Thanks!!


If you have children, think of cleaning up excess/unwanted recordings as one of their chores.

Or maybe this cleanup should be thought of as a way to stimulate the economy. Maybe there are youth in the neighborhood that could earn a little money once a month cleaning up the situation.


In this day and age it would only be outsourced across the seas…:unamused:


That’s cruel and not a chore but punishment! They would have to (Shield TV) go to the series of recordings…scroll all the way down…mark the last episode as ‘protected’ … back out…go back in…delete all. confirm yes… select episode…mark it unprotected…on to the next series.

I do it myself.

NEW - Update to Tablo Web App (1.1.11)

If you look at various threads in the forum you might find that over the last 2 1/2 years there has been 50-100 proposed feature requests that haven’t been fully implemented.

Maybe this one will be implemented. But asking every few weeks if this one is almost implemented probably isn’t going to speed it along.

I’m still waiting for a few more bug fixes.


For me, storage space isn’t the problem - autodelete could manage that. The problem with having 50+ saved episodes of “Today” show, for example, is that I have to scroll all the way to the bottom, through all the old episodes, just to get the most current episode. If the interface put the most current episode at the top, I’d have no need to set episode limits.


If I remember correctly the original product use to list the recordings based not on the episode number but the date of the recording with the newest recordings listed first.

Then it seems that there was a group of users claiming that based on their expertise the mature DVR strategy was to list all recordings in ascending episode number regardless of type of show.

So now all contrarians suffer.


Just got a refurbished 4 tuner, I know I can’t return it, but lack of this feature and the slowness of implementation on the web interface even though this had been in the “firmware” for quite some time gives me pause. I will likely not be buying a subscription as I doubt the future of this product.


There’s a firmware in beta that, according to Tablo, will have some new features. This is a feature that Tablo reps have stated they are looking into. Perhaps you should wait to see what new features will be in the firmware before giving up on it. In the year and a half I’ve had my Tablo, there have been a number of new features that have made the Tablo better and better.


Where is this in the roadmap? I would LOVE the Tablo with it but will probably return it before my 30 days are up if this basic functionality is not going to at least be on the web app soon.


The user doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the end of a 30-day return window. The feature wasn’t there when the tablo unit was purchased. Yet insists that this feature appear or they will return the unit.

Oh, well.


If you would like to get an advanced view on anything new you could sign up for the firmware and client betas. Any new features are released in those first. Of course anyone in those betas is not allowed to talk about them.

There are no public road maps that I know of.


So here we are in January 2019. Tablo has announced a very nice enhancement to its DVR–commercial skip. As a ReplayTV user long ago, I am very interested. I have this feature running well on my Windows Media Center, but I’m always looking for what’s next.

So pray tell, can anyone tell me if Tablo has yet solved the conundrum of allowing users to set, PER SERIES, a fixed limit of recordings to keep before it deletes the oldest to record the newest? You know, just like Windows Media Center has been doing seemingly forever.

Did they fix this up in the last year before going to town on commercial skip? Or is it still “in the firmware, but we’re not going to release it until we put it into every interface we offer”?

Zippy seemed to want to die on this hill, defending the lack of this feature. One thing that continued to come up was that users wanted the feature to be in the UI in at least the web UI, declaring that to be a big bang for the buck. Zippy and Tablo kept coming back with “it doesn’t make sense to implement it until it can exist in every UI across every device Tablo supports”.

When I kept reading that, all I could imagine was how this is the very definition of how “perfect is the enemy of good”.

So if I buy a Tablo today, can I limit on a per series basis the number of shows it records–even if it’s web browser only access to this feature?

There was also a discussion elsewhere about how a series was presented. Originally it was by recording date, or by original air date; then it changed to being sorted by show number in the series. That combined with Tablo recording every show in the series with no user-defined limit, made users scroll through the interface all the way to the bottom of the series list to find the latest show–a very strange requirement.

Has that changed?

And again, I feel it necessary to mention that Windows Media Center has always given you the CHOICE of how to view a series–either by original air date, OR by recorded date. Choice–what a concept (apparently something that escaped Zippy when he made his snide comments on the matter).


You mean like this:


Some people don’t realize features may already exist. Or they want a feature exactly as they dream it.

Regardless of the R&D cost, the lack of return on investment or needing a new feature that the competition has or just announced.


Superb. Thanks, Lysander. That’s not mentioned anywhere in their online documentation for their DVR system.

Here’s a feature request: up to date and complete documentation, that helps potential buyers to make a decision. Maybe some people are happy with the “buy it and we’ll show you, you have 30 days to try it” concept–but many others aren’t.


yes, zippy, Tablo wanted a feature exactly as THEY dreamed it–they were not going to give users ANY access to controlling series recordings like that until they got it perfect in THEIR minds.

Never mind how may people were asking for them to expose the feature in one simple place, where virtually everyone could access it if they wanted.

Perfect was the enemy of good.

And what do you say now that they have implemented this feature? Are you still insistent that no one needs it?


But you are right. The online documentation hasn’t kept up completely with all the new features that have been added. I do suggest that any potential buyers read the online guides as well as all blogs about the Tablo.