Per series recording setting to limit number of saved episodes


Doubt is just another term for assume. Some unwatched local news is ageless.

I want to manage my tablos using the same device I use to watch the recordings. So adding the configuration of tablo setting to only the WEB interface is senseless. I shouldn’t need one interface to watch the recording and another to manage the server.


If you don’t want this feature, then you don’t need to use it. Many of us DO want it.


Yes, most definitely :slight_smile:. I wouldn’t buy a product that only has features that are wanted by 100% of the users. Most of the features in any products are needed/wanted by “some” users only (where “some” = less than 100%).


I don’t care if the feature is implemented or not. But I also don’t make assumptions on the wonderfulness of a feature.

I think you miss the point. All tablo management features need to be available and consistent across all apps. And not limited to the WEB UI.

Post a message to the forum when that occurs.


@zippy, your argument is nonsense. Coming up with one instance when there is a TINY chance that someone might want to turn off a feature isn’t proof that it shouldn’t be a priority. Also, you are in the very tiny minority demanding all interfaces are equal.

Here are the facts:

  1. Deleting a ton of old episodes of something like the news that I will record every single day is a pain and very annoying.
  2. A number of people that are in here asking for this feature acknowledge that implementation in only the web UI would be fine, which means your denial of it - when measured against the opposing cacophony - doesn’t matter.
  3. 99% of people (if not 100%) have access to a web browser that will properly access and render the Tablo web UI. Making a feature accessible through a UI is FAR better than not making a feature accessible at all.

Just stop. Unless you think there’s a more important feature that Tablo developers should be working in, what do you care if they work on this one?


It’s very reasonable to assume that web browser is the most common denominator across users of different platforms/devices, and starting this feature there makes perfect sense to me.


So you think that requiring multiple devices and multiple UI’s, one to use and one to manage the tablo server, makes sense? And is it also appropriate that if you have to use the WEB UI on a PC that it is basically functional only on the Chrome browser?

Makes sense to me.

So when I buy a Tivo should I expect to have use a WEB UI to manage all the settings on my Tivo device.


Not all the settings, just the more advanced ones that aren’t available in the portable or STB UIs. Works for me.


The goal is to have all devices support all functionality, but having all devices but the Roku and AppleTv supporting all functionality is an acceptable compromise. The Roku and AppleTV can still do most functionality, and all users have at least a PC or smartphone.

Web UI works on more browsers now. I have it working on Edge and Chrome now.


As the first one (that I know of) to suggest that this feature be implemented only in the Web UI, I fully stand behind that suggestion, and I think it’s a fabulous way to implement more advanced functionality not related to playback.

I think the core functionality of browsing the guide, recording, and playing back should be available and as consistent as possible across all platforms. But I think it’s perfectly reasonable and beneficial for more advanced functionality, especially things that would only need to be done in limited situations.

Several reasons for this:

  1. Just about EVERYONE can access the web interface.
  2. It’s far easier to implement changes on a single platform than on EVERY platform (especially as the number of platforms expands). Given the slow speed at which features have been added in the past, I think this provides a great opportunity to get some of our long-requested features added.
  3. The other platforms can get klunky if too many features are added since they are generally operated by a remote control. A web UI can be much more complex since it’s usually controlled by keyboard and/or mouse.
  4. Many devices can only have advanced features set through a web interface.

I hope the Tablo project managers and developers have enough sense to realize how beneficial a web-only advanced interface would be.


Please get the facts right -
No one is “requiring” the user to use the Chrome interface. If they are happy with the way they’ve been using Tablo, there is nothing “new” that they need to learn or to use. It’s just simple as that.


Have you ever tried to manage your tablo using a Roku. Probably not.

The proposed implementation was control via a WEB UI because everyone uses a WEB UI. If you have a Windows PC, have you tried to manage your tablo on a browser other then chrome.

If you live in a large enough household you could have people with PC’s on Vista, Wndows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Some may use IE or Edge, or Opera, or Firefox. But it seems that Chrome is the universal browser when it comes to tablo.


Sorry I just don’t understand. If you don’t currently use Chrome and you don’t care about this feature (which you apparently don’t), what negative impact will it have on your user experience in the future when this feature is implemented in Chrome?

I understand it is important to have consistent interface across all platforms, but that is more of a goal then reality. With the vast amount of devices and platforms that Tablo supports, there will always be some that have the new feature first due to strategic reasons. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Tablo to improve their product if every new feature has to be released at the same time.


Agreed, but it really does need to be on a per show basis. As the OP points out, if you are recording a show that is on daily (e.g. news) you end up with a lot of content that might result in other shows getting deleted when the whole disk fills up. This is my NUMBER 1 (and maybe only) feature request.


Web interface only for now is fine.


I agree, web interface only for now is fine… but ideally would like to see it rolled into all the apps at some point in the future…


Web UI please!


At this point, I’m willing to take a cli command if that’s what it takes… like others have repeatedly said, for something like this the Web UI will sufice.


Doesn’t tablo have a problem with your suggestion of WEB UI only. It seems they promote various set top boxes as full control:

Amazon Fire TV Benefits
Provides access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings


The going theory here is that Tablo hasn’t implemented the feature in any UI because implementing it in all the UI’s takes time and resources and they don’t want to break the user experience by implementing the feature in some UI’s and not on others. I think I speak for everyone here that has asked for the feature that we don’t care if the user experience is broken. We are willing to put up with the inconvenience of having to use two different interfaces (Roku and WebUI, for example) for the benefit of being able to use this feature. Like others have expressed, this is something that would be done one time per series and probably not touched again.
Please implement and roll out the feature in WebUI now, and then take your sweet time with the rest.