PC/Android/iOS sometimes won't connect, Roku always does

Been having this problem now for about a year. Roku never has problems connecting to the Tablo, but my PC, Android and iOS devices sometimes do. If one works, they all work. If one doesn’t work, then the rest don’t

The amazing thing is the Roku never fails to connect to the tablo, even when the others cannot.

I got an Archer c9 Wireless modem this summer, but that didn’t change the problem. Also I’ve configured DHCP a few months ago to give the Tablo a static IP (actually the Tablo did it when I setup remote access) but that doesn’t help either. All of these tests are on my wireless home network, no other networking gear involved.

Rebooting the Tablo seems to solve the problem, but that doesn’t help me if I’m travelling and the problem surfaces.

I’m suspecting the Roku connects to a different interface on the Tablo than other devices?

Please help!

Yes, the Roku connects directly to the Tablo, while the web-based devices have to go out to the internet temporarily to make the initial connection.

Thanks snowcat. Sounds like I need to forward some ports. Let me try that and report back.

I’ve reconfigured the port forwarding slightly, also rebooted the Tablo (which of course makes the problem go away). Its now set as follows, the IP address is my Tablo.

1 21070 80 All
2 21071 8887 TCP

I’ll repot back in a few days, port 443 was previously assigned to 21071, with 8887 being assigned to 21072, which I removed. This was all previosuly configured by the Tablo, not me :smile:

After a few weeks, I can confirm the port forwarding changes fixed the problem.

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