Paying for 1 year of guide but only 24 hours shows

I’m starting to think Tablo was not the right choice. I’m starting to have many issues…now only seeing 24 hours ahead after I had already paid for the full year.
“Your Tablo has full access to guide data and all features.”
I thought the Simple.TV was bad…this may top it.

You have full access, if you didn’t you would not get guide service. The fact that the guide only goes out one day is my biggest pet peeve at this time. I want it done too, but the way you worded your post won’t get it done.


If you search for shows the information for 14 days is there. Only a couple of days shows up on the screen. The same way cable is. IF all 14 days data was there it would take tone to download especially using images. A plain text file would be faster but still long for 14 days depending on how many channels you have.

Does any network know their schedule a full year in advance? (just saying)

Lol you’re not paying for one year of guide data.

The grid shows 24 hours. The search function under TV Shows, Prime, Movies has access to the next 14 days.

Well, through my Roku I only have Live TV or Recordings. There is no search, TV Shows, Prime, Movies.

Yes the Roku UI is not like the UI on any other device - they are working to make it full parity.

Try accessing the Tablo via in the Chrome browser on a computer, or use the Tablo Web app on an Android device (smartphone or tablet), or the iPad app, or the iPhone app - you will be pleasantly surprised with all the options you have to manage your Tablo.

My cable box showed a full week in advance. So it’s not the same as cable.

I have a TiVo Roamio Pro and 3 DirecTV DVR’s in my house, they all have a full 14 day grid guide. I can advance to any day in the two week period quickly, so the Tablo guide is nothing like cable or satellite.

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You subscribed to guide data for 12 months, you didn’t pay for 12 months of data in your guide.

Most guide services only offer 14 days at a time. That helps keep the data accurate when there is frequent program changes. I’m coming from the Windows Media Center (WMC) world at it’s guide is the same, 14 days. The default view was only 3 hours, but I could scroll right to all 14 days of programing if I wanted to. The only time I had to do that though was if I wanted to DVR something in the future. I have only had Tablo 3 days now and have had a lot of gripes, but the way they make all 14 days of shows searchable is far superior to WMC and much more convenient.

I didn’t say I wanted a year of guide to be available. But only 24 hours is very weak.

There are 14 days of data on the Tablo. 24 hours for live TV was done for performance purposes.

Did you try a non-Roku interface?

I use Roku’s on all my TV’s. No sense trying from something else.

Tablo actually has a different paradigm than other DVRs that allow you to scroll through all 2 weeks of guide data. It took a little while to change my thinking and get used to it, but once I did, I actually liked it and found it more useful, and it can be faster to set up to record new shows.

On my old DirecTv DVR, I would have to scroll sideways to advance forward in time through the guide, and vertically to check all the channels in tho time slots. A time consuming, laborious process. Of course, I had a good list of shows that would automatically record new episodes, but to find premiering shows not previously selected, this was the process.

With Tablo, I do this. First, I check Prime Time Premiering shows periodically, to see if anything new is coming up. If I see something I want, I set it to record, usually all new episodes, though some shows are one time only, so I simply set up to record that showing. Next, I’ll go to TV shows, and check on a per channel basic for each network I watch, ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/TheCW. I’ll quickly look at the show icons to ensure Something wasn’t missed under Prime Time Premiering, and if I find something, I’ll set up to record it. Since I’m a relatively new Tablo owner, shows are still in the preocess of being selected, and as older shows come back from hiatus, I noticed that they don’t necessarily appear in Prime Time Premiering.

I find that I’m building a nice backlog of recorded showas to watch, and supplemented with Netflix and Hulu, Im never at a loss for something to watch. Rarely do I watch live TV anymore other than occasional sports. Better is to watch recorded shows so I can zip through the commercials.


@beyond2k - Our next update for Roku (coming very soon) will add the TV, movies & sports screens for you so you can see that additional guide data.


Well then you will have to wait for Tablo to release the Roku channel update. If you can’t wait give it a try on another device.

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At least 4 days would be helpful. One or two is just not enough. The Guide has some advantages over the search feature, especially if I am not looking for anything in particular.

You can click on “TV Shows” and it will list all the shows in alphabetical order that are airing in the next 14 days.