Pausing issues frustrating

I have the 1tb model. When i first tried it the pause/fast forward looked fine. Not a week later. It will pause but when you hit the unpause. It goes all the way back to the beginning of the program. Even the fast forward takes forever to travel. You can’t jump 30 seconds. Just dit and hold ff button as it slowly moves to where you last paused it.

Here are some questions to better explain the situation:

  1. Are you watching live tv or a recording (or is it happening for both)?
  2. Is this happening on all devices (Roku, PC, phone, AppleTv, etc) or a particular playback device?
  3. Is this happening on your home network or when you are remote?


I have only had this device for maybe a week. So have not ventured beyond basic live TV watching. It happens on live TV. I use the device with apple TV. I have a master remote as well as the Apple Remote. The problem happens with both remotes. When I first used the Tablo pausing was not an issue. It worked as it was suppose to. Last night it happened. I watched live TV. Paused it to do something, unpaused it. The recorder would go all the way to beginning of program. I did not record this program, but the beginning of the live broadcast.

This happened on several channels and only on the tablo. No streaming services had this issue. Even when I would Fast forward to get up to Livestream on the program. It took a long time like maybe at speed 1:2. I have not watched tablo on any other device other than the TV it is hooked up to.