Pausing during playback of recorded video

We’ve finally been playing around with Tablo on PC and have found that our recordings are pausing randomly for a random amount of time from a second or two to a half minute or more. The recording then picks up again right where it left off. No messages - just temporary freezes. Makes watching on the PC impossible. The same recordings on the TV via a Roku 3 are fine. I thought if anything, it’d be the other way around due to the Roku limitations but it’s not. I can’t compare the new version to the old on PC as I never really played around with it until this past weekend.

Is your PC on a wireless network? This sounds like network buffering to me.

It is wireless but we consistently show 50+ Mpbs with not a lot of variance. I’ll have to try wired to see if that makes a difference.

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Actually 3 times with the Roku but that’s beside the point. I’ll move a few things around to see it I can narrow it down.