Pause resumption not working

I’m watching shows on my Tablo remotely via Chrome browser.

If I pause live tv show and come back an hour later and hit resume, the show resumes right where it left off - for approximately 30-60 seconds. Then it hangs indefinitely and remainder of show is gone.

How do I resolve this? Thanks!

Just a guess, but I think it probably has a limited time that it can be paused, and then it releases the buffer. I bet you could go into the “Live TV” section and hit record for the show you are watching, then it would save it for you (unlike a temporary “pause” buffer).

Haven’t tried it myself, but that is what I would do… maybe it wouldn’t work, worth a try.

It’s just a really bad idea to pause live tv for a long time in general, and it is not surprising at all that it failed using Tablo Connect.

I tried it yesterday in Chrome for about a half hour, and it wasn’t even remote. When I resumed, it locked up. Now because I wasn’t remote, the whole stream was still there, but Tablo Connect is different. It has to downgrade it to whatever setting you have, and if you lock up, that stream is gone (from my experience).

I don’t have it bookmarked and haven’t found it… I vaguely recall a post from TabloTv, maybe, that live TV via remote connect is directly streamed with disk I/O. If true, there wouldn’t be any paused “recording” to replay. But I don’t have anything to substantiate this.

Locally, I thought there was a time limit, but again, have no reference.