Passive Cooling Shelf for Tablo

My Tablo was running pretty warm so I tried putting it on a passive cooling shelf for Tablos that I bought on eBay.

This is the link to it: Standard Cooling Shelf

There is also a wider one that holds a tablo and a hard drive: Wide Cooling Shelf

Seems to work pretty good. Tablo is much cooler to the touch and seems to be much snappier when I access it.

LOL too funny

Oven racks go for a third of that price. In fact that does look just like an oven rack!

Oven racks also make great antenna reflectors.

I thought that too, and then I tried it. Wow! I can watch shows on Tablo now without buffering!

That’s great to have a glowing product testimonial from a new forum member. Thanks!

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You might want to try the one that I use. It is the Tablo passive wall-mounted cooling shelf from Closet Maid. It does not require any table space and allows for lots of airflow underneath. Easily attached to basement walls where your antenna comes in to keep your Tablos extra cool and out of sight. Enough space for two tablos, two hard drives and a network switch.

Available from Target.


Very Cool! Necessity is the mother of invention.

Unfortunately, I wanted my tablo next to my router, which is in the center of a 2 story house with a basement. I need the router there so it can serve all 3 floors efficiently. I suppose I could have ran an ethernet cable from the tablo in the basement to the router, but it seemed easier to use the existing coax cable run and put the tablo next to the router in my office.

Very nice setup you have though. Lots of room for the tablo to breathe.