Partitioning the harddrive

I’ve got a 4TB Segate drive that I bought a while back for my experiments with MythTV, and then Windows MCE. Is there a way that I can format it so that the Tablo thinks it’s a 2TB drive? I’d be happier to waste 2TB of this drive than to have to buy another 2TB drive.

No.  The problem is the sector size.  All hard drives bigger than 2 GB have a 4K sector size, and the Tablo can’t read that.  The reason a bunch of 2GB and smaller drives have problems too is that they also have a 4K sector size.

Tablo is working on this issue, and I would think that if they can figure out the 4K problem, they might be able to handle larger hard drives as well.  We shall see.

Thanks for the info @snowcat.

@pmac - We’re working on a fix that will enable us to play nicely with 4K sector size drives which means support for 2TB and lower drives with that sector size as well as larger drives. 

Plus, even if we did have support for larger sectors, I’m not sure partitioning would work as Tablo does a custom reformat of the drive.

@TabloTV fair enough. I’m looking for a drive now. I like 3.5" drives and enclosures because of cost, reliability, and external power, but most of those seem not to work. I’m still trolling the HDD thread though.

Also, @snowcat has their own meme! Impressive :slight_smile:

There are lots of options in the thread @pmac. At least one of 'em has to be on sale right now :slight_smile:

And yes, since @snowcat spends almost more time on the threads than we do, we figured we deserved his own meme!