Partial recordings

Hi all,

When I record the Late Show with Colbert, I only get 28 to 32 minutes. This is on Global, in Canada. The recording info says 11:35-12:37, so I should have an hour.

Other shows work fine.

Any ideas?


Where are you located exactly?

I’m in Gatineau and I’ve had the same thing happening but I’ve read that they’re are doing some maintenance and shutting down the transmitters around midnight. If I remember correctly, maintenance should be completed on Sept 12.

Ah… that would explain it! I’m in Ottawa.

I’m also in Ottawa. Same thing has been happening to me - and it also happened last night (Sept 14).

I guess they’re not done doing maintenance.

I had precisely the same problem since the Colbert show premiered - also in Ottawa, but last night, for the FIRST TIME in 10 episodes, it actually recorded the entire show! Check it out - and stay tuned tonight :^)

Jimmy Fallon records at the same time, and never has any problems. Would a tower going down affect more than one show?

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is on CTV2 which broadcast from a different transmitter site South of Ottawa.

Yes! Last night’s is complete!
Thank you