Partial Recordings with Error: send system turn off command

I’ve got a new Tablo 2-tuner model (2-3 weeks old) and I have had a couple of situations where a program was recorded in multiple segments on my Tablo. In one case, a 30 minute program was recorded as three separate partial recordings in my recordings list. I don’t recall the lengths. In another case today a similar 30 minute program was recorded in two files of lengths 20 and 13 minutes.

In the first example, I actually had the Tablo reboot while I was watching one of the segments. I’m assuming the split recordings are due to the Tablo rebooting during the recording and then restarting the in-progress recording when it comes back up.

I was browsing the logs (http://[insert ip address]:18080/pvr/) and noticed that many of them end with:
[TS_RECV] Command timedout
send system turn off command

That makes it seem like the box is rebooting itself.

There was no bad weather in either situation. I believe my power is stable as I’ve had no other devices with any issues. My firmware is: 2.2.16

Anyone have any ideas?

A reboot could happen if the drive you’re using is disconnected mid-recording. We can check the logs on our end to see if this is the case. Can you touch base with our support team?