Packaging question

I received my 4 tuner Tablo today.  The box wasn’t sealed in any way (no shrink wrap, no sticker seals, nothing).  Is this normal?

Since the 4 tuner just came out, I gotta believe I got one that is brand new, but usually that kind of stuff is sealed in some fashion.

Yes, that is normal.  I have received two that way.  I suppose since it isn’t sold in stores, there really is no reason to shrink wrap it.

Ok, thanks for the info.  I kinda figured, but wanted to make sure. :wink:

I can confirm I also received mine in the same fashion.


Hey @vegassteve - Our packaging isn’t intended for store shelves, just for internet delivery so we decided to save some trees/petroleum products by making it as environmentally friendly as possible. All units are shipped directly from our warehouse or from NewEgg’s warehouse so there is very little opportunity for tampering.

@TabloTV - kinda figured, but was just checking.  And when these get the refurbished tag, it’s gonna be kinda hard to tell new from used.  Just sayin’.

1.5 years later and my 4-tuner Tablo came the same way. I bought it online at and had it shipped to store. At first I was concerned, but it worked fine, so I figured they were saving the environment. Glad to see this old post to confirm. :recycle:

Confirmed (again). Excited to see FedEx (Amazon) deliver our first Tablo 2 Tuner today. No seal on the box, protective plastic, or cushioning material. The front face of unit is a bit scratched up from bouncing around in the Tablo box, but with solid state internals this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s going up on a shelf out of sight anyway. Also, minimal packaging equals better for the planet, right?
I joined this forum to search and confirm this packaging question, but will stay in the loop for all the great information here. Extremely psyched to “cut the cord”. Good luck all!

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