Overamping a local station?

I’m still not getting anywhere with Tablo nor my local NBC affiliate about loss of signal from their tower, while still getting stations from further away in every which direction. Not one clue what overamping is, but at this point, I’m willing to try anything. Fall premieres in full swing, but no NBC for me.

If anyone from Tablo sees this - I opened a ticket as recommended on my prior post. Was told to put Tablo in remote access mode, which I did. But, no response to my follow-up emails since then. Also, my Tablo totally locked up since then, so I took down & rebooted my entire set-up to restore it. (Disconnected & reconnected Rokus, Tablo & router, in the recommended order for each) So now, I’m concerned about the health of my Tablo, as well as missing NBC.

Anyhow, will someone be so kind as to explain how/whether I can test an overamping theory for this station? I tried connecting an antenna I’m no longer using (Mohu Leaf) directly to a tv, and scanning both with & without the amplifier - no luck. But, from what I’ve read, I think “overamping” has to do specifically with my Tablo? I also tried using a splitter with my Mohu + Winegard Flatwave 6550. That took down almost all stations, both with & without the Mohu amplifier. I’m stumped!

This does not sound like a Tablo issue with that station.

My bet is they are doing something at that station or something happened.

What kind of antenna do you have, where is it pointed, is this station uhf or vhf?

Then again it could be the Tablo…

Is this typical? Before, I occasionally had recordings simply to FAIL due to weak signal. But for this channel, Tablo may attempt to reestablish the recording several times before it gives up. In the process, it will segment/interrupt any other recording in progress. If I had something scheduled to record on NBC, along with 2 shows elsewhere, my recent recordings might show as many as a dozen segments for that timeframe…4 from each of 3 shows. All 4 segments from NBC show as failed - no content. I could still watch the other 2 shows, in 4 segments, minus the missing chunk during the reconnects…or not! I had to cancel all scheduled NBC recordings.

Idea #1: Consider to point the antenna at an angle such that the angle subtended by the antenna direction and the close-overpowered xmitter is larger than the angle subtended by the antenna and the faraway-less-power xmitter. Keep pointing the antenna further away from both stations. change the direction by 5 or 10 degrees at a time, then fine-tune if you find a “sweet spot”.

Idea #3: Keep adding 3db of attentuation at a time inline until the faraway-less-power stations fail to tune. At any step along the way, does the tuning of the nearby-overpowered station improve? If yes then this may indicate the solution. (Probably try this idea only if/after you try #1 and #2) .

Idea #2: Point the antenna slightly upwards, so that it is not pointing parallel to the ground. I point my CM4248 Yagi antenna slightly upwards always - angling up is necessary for the “sweet spot”.