Overall volume boost?

The recording volume is quite low compared to other media on any of my devices. This is very noticable when using the roku and switching between channels.

Is there a way to set overall volume boost for recordings or playback? (I’ll wait for the first comment of: Yes! Look on your remote for a button with labeled Vol+) :smiley:

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the recorded volume.  The Tablo folks say that they don’t touch the volume of the recordings, but a common complaint on here is that the volume is too low.

I don’t have any volume problems on my Roku, but on my iPad2 and Android phone, I have to max out the volume, and somethings that isn’t enough (unless I am using headphones).

Using the PC, Chrome and Chromecast, we run the volume of Tablo recordings exactly where all other “viewing” is run - we don’t have to adjust differently for live TV via Tablo or playing the recordings.

For the FireTV stick, same thing - the volume is the same as if we were watching something via the TV itself.
I have noted something in general, though - OVER THE YEARS, prior to even owning a Tablo - devices that play back to the TV via HDMI generally have a lower volume level that devices playing through the TV via other connection means. 
HDMI appears to simply have lower volume. 
My DVD recorder, for example, can connect to the TV via HDMI and other means - of the three, and I have it connected using all three methods, HDMI yields the lowest volume. Now THAT’s a direct comparison.
I can say the same thing for our high-end DVD player, if I play anything, including CD audio, using the DVD player (it’s a 5 disk changer) and I run the output from the DVD player to the TV using HDMI, I have to crank the volume, but if I use the other connection means, I do not.
So before we even bought Tablo, my experience was that anything at all played through the TV via HDMI when compared directly to any other means, meant cranking up the TV volume. 
The Tablo playback is hardly ever messed with as far as volume, I do find a lot has to do with the show, the station and so on. Sound clarity for ads, and sound volume for ads is always higher and better than shows and movies. 
Now keep in mind I have moderate hearing loss - and it’s smack in the range of the female human voice (I made sure the ENT showed that chart to my wife, of course!!!)

My summary - 
HDMI is lower volume than TV, or other devices run through the TV via non-HDMI means, Tablo or not. HDMI volume is lower and IMO, not a good. 
But like I said - Chromecast from PC from Tablo and FireTV stick, if I do “up the volume” as my wife would say, it’s little. Watching a recent Justin Hayward concert recording via Tablo was EXCELLENT sound, excellent volume. I couldn’t have been happier. 
I truly believe Tablo takes the show in as it comes in and changes nothing at all, you play back when Tablo heard and recorded. If it’s lower, it might be because of my earlier pre-Tablo observations on HDMI sound.

@ShadowsPapa My experience is different than yours.  I only watch content streamed through my AFTV, which is HDMI to the Television.  I do not use the sideloaded app for Tablo; instead I use a Plex server while I wait for the native app to come out. 

My television has an audio scale from 0-60.  Comfortable listening levels are as follows:

  • Music from the Plex server:  ~20
  • Tablo Live TV:  ~45
  • Tablo recorded TV:  ~35
  • Amazon content:  ~15

You can see that for my setup, Tablo is definitely at a lower volume.

Roku 3, Sony Bravia 52" HDTV. There is a definite volume difference between Live TV on the Tablo and Recordings on the

There is a bigger difference between Netflix on the Roku and Tablo on the Roku. I always have to turn the volume up from 30 to 50 when going from Netflix to Tablo.

I play FTV stick with the side-loaded Tablo app, direct to Tablo.

My TV, an LG, has volume from 0 to 99.
I have some TV shows on DVD that require a setting of 80+ when played via HDMI but only 60 when played to the TV via other connection means.
For me the volume level varies a lot - some shows are ok at 40, some require in the 50s and a few require 60. With Tablo and FTV and side-loaded app, the highest I have to go is in the 50s or 60 tops, which matches pretty much anything else. Again, it varies a LOT with the STATION I’ve recorded from, or the show itself. Some shows simply seem to have a different requirement if you want to hear and understand the dialog - the background music is overwhelming so they can sell music, and the dialog is hard to hear and understand amongst all the crap music and background sounds, which in the last few years has been moved to the foreground for marketing purposes.
I don’t really have to make any unusual changes to volume for Tablo - not that I would not otherwise make anyway simply due to the show itself, the network, or the station. I cannot say that TV volume is ever really consistent - just today, on one station I had to up the volume from the mid 40s to the mid 50s to understand what the @#$% they were saying, switching channels again, I had to turn it down or get blown away. 
I do not use automatic volume leveling or processing, it hardly ever works well or correctly. 
I do not watch live TV via Tablo, I see no real reason to, all live TV is, well, live TV through the live TV tuner in the TV itself. It’s a good tuner so why run live TV through a remote tuner and then pipe it into the TV via HDMI where it’s likely to lose something in all that processing.  TV tuner direct to display is almost always highest quality unless the TV tuner leaves something to be desired. I only change “input” on the TV for recorded shows or BluRay or DVD. 
Now I see you include Amazon content and Plex music - that’s pretty unfair, comparing absolutely and totally different sources for volume. one has nothing to do with the other. and we can’t say that Amazon, for example, doesn’t tweak their content for higher volume or that your music in Plex isn’t recorded and saved at a different level of that Plex isn’t somehow involved.
IMO can only compare fairly TV show to TV show, broadcast to broadcast to Tablo and nothing else, no music server, no Roku content from the web, no Netflix and no Amazon content, those may easily be manipulating content, and Tablo being the only thing that isn’t. Sorry, unscientific study or comparison. 
I compare live TV from my TV’s tuner to Tablo’s tuner, and to Tablo’s recordings, and I see little different except what’s normally different due to show, station, etc. Comparing content from other sources isn’t the same thing, apples and oranges. 

@ShadowsPapa I wasn’t trying to do an apples to apples comparison with the inclusion of Plex Music and Amazon content, rather to show that not all sources from the Plex are low volume (recall that my Tablo feed is from the Plex too) and that the volume isn’t necessarily tied to HDMI as you implied (both the Amazon content and the Plex feed are streamed through the AFTV).

Nevertheless, you make a good point.  Different sources can have different levels of volume as they are recorded.  But that is sort of the point is it not?  For my setup at least, the Tablo feed has the lowest volume.