Outside of home network streaming: No Live TV?

I have finally gotten my TABLO to work outside my home network (after a year I played around with my router settings). I am having serious issues though. I am using Rokus at home, Samsung Galaxy outside of home.

#1 There is no option to watch live tv. I see the grid (I have lifetime sub) and can choose a channel, but there is only an option to record. Nothing for watching.

#2 I started watching the Oscars from a recording at home. I was about two hours into it and I wanted to continue watching outside my home network. No go. It says “resume” but restarts the program from the beginning. Each show I try this on (recordings) does the same thing: Starts from the beginning.

What might be my problems?

When watching live TV on a phone, you have to click on the channel, not the show itself. It gets a lot of new Tablo users.

Wow! Thank you very much. Easy fix. I can now choose the channel… but it gives me “Player Error: Could not play live stream” when I check any of my HD channels. I successfully streamed a SD channel. I have my phone just set to 500 kbps. I have no problem streaming VUDU, Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, WatchESPN, and numerous other video streaming sites in HD even on 4G.

Something in my settings? My 4 tuner TABLO is connected straight into my router. I have no problems at all on my home network. Works perfectly, even to the one Roku that is not hardwired in on the other side of the house.

Only having trouble off my network.

Unfortunately, that is beyond my expertise. If there was a bandwidth issue, you would just see streaming, then a long pause, streaming, another pause, etc. “Player error” is something the Tablo folks can help you with.

What is your remote streaming quality set at and what kind of upload bandwidth are you paying for? When you upgrade, never hurts to check the remote quality got reset.

I’ve gotten Player error and tried the same channel again and it worked.

Thanks, I’ll check when I get home. My phone is just set to 500kbps streaming right now.