Outdoor mounting

I’ll be mounting my Tablo under the rather large eaves on my home. This is where all the cables run into the house now, so I can get everything I need except power through existing connections.

Has anyone else tried this? I’m thinking of mounting it “vertically” against the wall and then protecting it with a tupperware container with the two long sides cut off to make a C shape that will protect it from rain and snow while still leaving the bottom open for the cables and airflow.

Sounds like a really bad idea to me. Exposing the Tablo and hard drive to exterior temps and humidity is a recipe for failure IMO. Not to mention how hard it’ll be to get to it if you need to reset it.

Finding a place for it inside shouldn’t be a big deal, really.

Unless, of course, the indoor area is far from the ideal mounting spot for the antennas, in which case you suffer signal loss. I can’t use a mast-head amp because I have some strong signals that will overwhelm the weaker ones in that case.

@MauryMarkowitz - Tablo is definitely not an outdoor appliance. It should be placed inside, in a room temperature area.

Get creative Your plan is a recipe for disaster.

Gee…tell us what you really think :wink:

Apocalyptic. Better?

Yes! However I was kind of looking forward to seeing a picture of a Tablo mounted under the eaves. Would have been a unique landmark…and now everyone has been trying to dissuade him.

Can you imagine if a bird built a nest there? MM could tell tech support, “Hey my Tablo laid an egg.”

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Bird nest related damage would certainly void the warranty.

Only if Big Bird is in the nest?

“Hey, Big Bird, stretch your wing all the way out… ok… ok… now just a little bit down…ok ok… tilt your head just a little,…noo… too much, there… STOP!.. perfect…”

(Big Bird on the antenna)

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