Outdated Guide Info

Is there a way to reset the guide picture tile or information. On multiple shows the main picture tile on the recorded tv section is outdated and the overall show description as well. The individual episodes are correct, but not the show.

Here is what I am seeing as two examples -

NBC Nightly News - Description begins with Brian Williams as the host. He has been gone for a while.

The Voice - The main picture shows Ceelo and then the splash picture inside of the tv show has Usher and Shakira… These are both from many seasons ago.

It would be nice if these could be refreshed at the beginning of the season or every 6-12 months just to keep things current.

@angelosc - Your Tablo will check for new guide data images and blurbs every 3 months but the broadcasters are responsible for sending these to the guide data provider.

In some cases, it can take a long time for the broadcaster to get that new data in to the provider.

For example, in Canada the host of a radio & TV show was charged with sexual assault and was fired. It took the broadcaster 6 months to change the image & data.

So long story short, there’s no way to ask Tablo for new images, but it will find and automatically add new ones every 3 months when they’re available.

I figured it was something like that. Thanks for the update on how that works. Hopefully things get updated. Both of those on NBC that I referenced are now 1+ year old!

@angelosc - My The Voice still has Shakira too so I hear ya. Maybe if you squint your eyes enough she’ll start to look like Gwen Stefani. :wink: