Out of area channels?


Probably missing something obvious and apologies for the likely repeat question:

Getting all the DC area channels OK with a DC ZIP code.

We used to get some Baltimore channels clearly with TV tuner.

How to add these to Tablo?

Does the ZIP you enter artificially limit Tablo to local channels only?



When you do the scan on your Tablo, does your Tablo actually detect them? Aka they are listed in the channel scan and are shown in the live TV guide?


When you do a channel scan Tablo will show all the channels it is currently receiving regardless of zip code The zip code identifies what channels the guide provider thinks you could receive. If you have channels Tablo has identified but there is no guide information, then you need to contact Tablo Support by email at https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or by phone at 1-844-822-5688 and supply your zip code and the channels that are missing guide information.

If when you do a channel scan there are channels that Tablo doesn’t receive and you believe it should receive, then you may need a better antenna or possibly an amplifier for the signal. Tablo has an internal splitter to split the signal for multiple tuners which will decrease the signal strength a small amount, unfortunately that reduction may be enough lose some channels.


When we lived at Ft Meade (almost in the middle between DC and Baltimore), we got signals from both cities. Our zipcode (20755) gave us program info for both cities. May still work, and an easy “try”. Good Luck.