Our 5th Anniversary

I wanted to say that we love our (original) Tablo 4-tuner and all it has giving us these past 5years. Our 5th Anniversary of using the Tablo was on. 02/25/2021. We have enjoyed the savings (without cable). We cam wait to see what the future holds for TabloTV.


I think auto-incorrect got you! It can be very annoying. :joy:

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Yes, it did!:laughing::laughing::laughing:
(corrected it)

…and 5yrs later you still get

  • the same tech support new users get :champagne:
  • run the same current firmware -features- the brand new units run :star2:
  • works with current devices/app as some may have had engineered obsolescence :keyboard: :computer:
  • updated apps for devices you use, new and old (as supported) :calling:
  • a tablo that just keep doing what it’s suppose to :checkered_flag:

Note, the new Quad, 4 tuner, does have a different generation tuner (unclear advantages), gigabit network (not that 100 isn't enough), option for internal drive and *modern* appearance.

But we got all your Tablos with extortion!

Yea, they never do ask you to agree to something before continuing. :moneybag: Or accept a EULA, no check boxes…:smiling_imp: it’s all at their will — that’s what you agree to :pouting_cat:

you don’t stop at one page… unless you have the :money_with_wings: money to toss away :roll_eyes:

What do you mean?

Just ignore it. It’s a 12+ month old rant about not having the tablo licensing agreement with the wording and format they like.

Of course no one forces anyone to buy the product.

Wait until they see the 3 check boxes and associated babble you get to read when signing up for the Pfizer covid vaccine.

Of course you also don’t have to get vaccinated.

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I was thinking they were just fun’n along with the flooding of posts from someone misunderstanding the need to pay a fee to stream from their device, even over their own LAN.

…at least that was my take, maybe they “believe” as well. <shrug>