OTA Channel Overload

I was wondering if OTA channels can become overloaded?

My wife was trying to watch the olympics last night and she said it was the worst signal that she has seen in months and it was unwatchable??

Do you have an amplifier in line?

@Imthechuck - The signal can sometimes have increased error rates due to changes on the broadcaster side. If it’s continuous you may want to try doing a rescan.

And you can overload the tuner but if it was working fine before and you haven’t changed the antenna or your location, that’s unlikely.

We covered some of this in a blog post recently: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/getting-technical-over-air-tv-reception/

We had some issues last night as well, but we also had a big storm. I thought maybe it had something to do with that. Perfectly clear picture, then it cuts out for a little bit. Weird.

same thing happened to me last night. It was horrible. I went to the NBC sports Roku app for a few hours. Then when I tried again later in the evening it was much better.

It was flaky again this morning so I did a rescan and now it’s even worse. It shows 5 green dots but it’s unwatchable with constant LPW. All the other stations are fine. Never had a problem with this station until last night.

edit: its sub-station works fine.
edit 2: very interesting. I turned on a cooling fan and now the station is working fine.

Unfortunately since my wife was using the tablo I couldn’t diagnose the problem… I did find it strange that one of the only times it wasn’t working correctly was during “prime-time olympic coverage”. Im guessing the local nbc affiliate may have messed with their signal? which usually comes in perfectly?

One of the problems with OTA is that stations never disclose whether they are having their own broadcast antenna problems. Several years ago one station in our area went several days with their broadcast tower having problems and they never mentioned a word about it until one of my friends phoned them.

Another time, a station went through a maintenance period of a few days and never informed anyone in the area that they were operating at half power.

Indeed… And a lot of tower maintenance happens during the summer months.