Orphaned Recordings

To clean up my hard drive of tons of old stuff, I re-formatted it when the new firmware came out yesterday.  

Now I have all those old shows still listed in my Recordings, even though they sure are not on the hard drive.

How do I delete these orphaned Recordings?  For that matter, how do I delete ANY Recording (and no, I don’t mean individual shows)?  (Wimbledon is long over, and deleting each and every match individually seems like a pain!)

@darmitage - You’ll have to delete your Tablo apps (and clear cache on the web) and then start fresh there too. 

I am using my.tablotv.com.  What do you mean delete my Tablou apps?  BTW, I’ve already cleared the cache.  That doesn’t seem to remove orphaned recordings.  They seem to be coming from the Tablou device itself.

Why would this not be a standard issue?  There must be a way to indicate “I no longer want Wimbleton”.  ???

@darmitage We don’t have a bulk-delete option just yet. It’s a popular feature request and it’s certainly on our road map. By clearing the cache you’ve already reset your client-side (the equivalent of ‘deleting’ your Tablo from the native app on iPad). 

The Tablo’s database corresponds with the recordings on the drive, so if you wipe the drive, but not the Tablo, you’re stuck with ‘empty’ recordings. You can get rid of them by doing a factory reset on the Tablo, but you’ll need to go through the setup process once it’s finished. If you’d rather avoid this, you’ll need to go through them manually until the bulk-delete feature comes out.

I swapped out my HDD last week and also had recordings that were not listed. I just opened each recording and deleted them from from the web app. It took me about 2 minutes.

I also have several orphaned recordings that are no longer on my hard drive, but I can’t delete them as everyone suggests, if I click on delete it will say “no uprotected recordings to delete”. How do I remove those?

There really should be a method to clean up the tablo database without having to reset to factory settings and have to set up all your channels and recordings again.

Maybe someone in the community can create something to run on a computer requiring ext2fs or whatever it is called. Read json darabase, if not found, delete from databaee.

I can do all that, and I actually have written an app for myself that allows me to clean up the hard drive and to download shows, etc, but not all the data is stored on the hard drive and I don’t know how to access the data that is stored physically on the tablo device. That is what needs to be cleaned up as it has some items on it that no longer exist on the hard drive. I suppose I could create fake entries on the hard drive for those items and then try to delete them.