Original Amazon Firestick Streaming Issues

My remote streaming has been working very well with my Amazon Firestick for the past several weeks. I know that Tablo uploaded a new version of the software to Amazon yesterday for the new Firestick. Is it possible that software change created issues with the original Firestick and streaming?

It plays for 20 seconds then buffers…then plays for 20 seconds then buffers… UGH!!! So annoying!

I checked my App info and it automatically updated to the latest Tablo app version - updated Oct 31st. Please fix this!

Also, my remote streaming works fine to my iPhone on the same wifi network that my Firestick is connected to.

@bruin18 - We’ve had our QA team check on this and we don’t seem to see the same behavior.

Have you tried it again while remote streaming? Did maybe your remote streaming quality setting get adjusted or changed to a higher bit rate than is possible via that connection?

i know that the streaming quality did not change. In fact, I lowered it to the lowest possible and it still buffered.

I’m away from the firestick until next Wednesday. I’ll have to recheck it when I’m back.