Options during playback seems unaccessable

During playback on my firestick, when I press the option button on my remote, settings shows up in the bottom right of my screen. I cannot seem to access it though. Is there a trick?

I still can’t seem to be able to enter the settings option during playback

Did you press the down button after “Settings” shows up?

Are you using the standard Fire TV remote? There is no ‘option’ button on these.

I’m using the Fire Stick HD remote. It has the option button and pops up the settings option that I can’t seem to access.

Note: I’m referring the to full Tablo app, not the Table Preview app.

Which button are you trying to press?

And I’m not sure which menu option you’re seeing or what you’re trying to enable.

The options (closed captioning and on/off for commercial skip) on the original Tablo Fire TV app are centered on the screen and pop up when you press & hold the ‘enter’ (middle of the circle) on the remote.


Wow, my app must have just updated. Starting this morning, when I press the options key (to the right of home) it doesn’t bring up the settings any more. Before when I pressed the enter key, only the closed captioning showed, but this morning I get closed captioning and commercial skip.

Thanks for the responses.