Option to limit number of episodes to keep

Add a option to limit the number of recordings to keep. Needs to be in the schedule setting of each series recording. Example: news shows the record everyday could be limited to a selected number and start to delete the oldest of them when the limit is reached.

This request has been made since the beginning. No idea if it will ever be implemented.

Supposedly it is “bubbling near the top of the to do list” according to the folks at Tablo.

Not sure if that means 6 weeks or 6 months but fingers crossed its soon!

My DirecTV DVR had that option and to tell you the truth, I hated it. It defaults to keep only 5 episode and it ended up deleting a bunch of episodes of 24 that I didn’t get to keep up with because, you know, life. By the time I actually had time to watch I think I lost 4 -5 episodes. Since then when I would set up my recordings I would have to remember to set it to keep all.

Not everyone wants this feature. If it does get implemented the default could be 100 episodes. Otherwise if it bubbles near the top maybe tablo development can visit a good dermatologist and get that sebaceous cyst removed.

I would hope that the default would be to keep all episodes, but there are shows (e.g. news programs) that are unnecessarily filling up the hard drive just because I have to remember to delete them.

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As long as it defaults to keep ALL, it shouldn’t effect those that don’t want it.

Don’t touch it, it acts exactly the same as it does today. Only if you want to limit it would you need to change it.

I only want it for News and late night talk shows, it would be annoying if I had to try to remember to change it for everything else.

The assumption you are making is that the feature is per show and not system wide which would be configured on the settings page. Maybe tablo will start making setting changes that are per show. That hasn’t seemed to be the case in the past.

You have the original record all/ record new and delete.all

They do have settings that are per show. Record New, Record All, Record once…

Yes you are correct the assumption is this setting would be by show and that is specifically what I called out on the last two user surveys…

But you are also correct in that it may be a bad assumption, never good to assume. Hopefully optimistic though.

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I think there are two scheduled show level, not episode level, recording options: record all and record new. And one recording level show option: delete all.

If you go back three years I think the original option was only record all and record new was added later. Maybe 2 years ago. The delete all was added maybe over a year and half ago.

So tablo hasn’t been in a rush to add show level options. And many have been suggested. But maybe your wish will come true.But every show level option impacts every UI. Where as some system settings aren’t available in every UI.

On some UI, they have also added “Delete Watched” and “Delete Failed”.

When we do lay out plans for new features, we are always careful to plan things to reduce not increase the intervention/workload for the end-user.

When we do implement ‘keep x’ it will not be a global setting, but a per series setting so you can keep the latest 5 news airings, but not have to worry that you’ll start losing episodes of Big Bang that you’re saving to binge at a later date.

Also re:

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For those that don’t want this as a default. It could have an off switch to enable it with options for the number of episodes to keep. The number to keep should be set for each individual scheduled series recording.

Sounds like one half Venus day to design, one Venus day to implement, and one half Venus day to test. Or 11,664 earth hours. That seems close to how long ago users started asking for the feature.

@zippy Perhaps we should move our dev team to a colony on Venus… Can you hook us up with someone there?

Forgive me, its not targeted at you but I must add…

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I’m hoping to see this in a future release as well. I used it frequently on Directv for recorded News shows. I would only keep 1 episode of the news so that I would only have the latest news to play back and not news for 5 days (5 Episodes). With my configuration set this way I never had to delete episodes of the news since they would automatically delete.