Optimizing performance

How does the number of channels affect performance?  I have 51 channels selected. What about other things?  I have 48 recurring scheduled recordings.  On the DVR at the moment: 1129 recorded TV shows, 76 recorded movies.


@unclfuzzy the more channels you have the more data to sync. That could be the issue you are seeing in Roku 3 interface taking so long.

I think the recommended is around 17 channels or so??? I may have that wrong, but the less data to sync the faster IMHO

My performance problems with the Tablo are pretty much all in the recordings section.  I don’t really use this to watch live TV that much.

@unclfuzzy how many recordings do you have?

I do the same thing, pretty much don’t watch live tv

@unclfuzzy Well, as @Jestep noted, the more data there is, the longer it takes to load it. Since the Roku doesn’t sync, it has to fetch all of this data at once. 

If your Recordings tab has over 1200 shows to sync, it can take some time. It may be worth cleaning some out to see if noticable the difference is.

@unclfuzzy…you should only include channels in your guide that you watch live or record shows from. Otherwise those extra channels do not add any value for you and you might as well delete them,

Even someone with only a few channels is going to have more than 1200 programs in 2 weeks worth of guide data.  It takes just as long to navigate the guide as recordings, not surprising since it obviously doesn’t have to do anything with the recordings themselves until I tell it to start playing back one of them.   And how are you supposed to know whether you want to watch or record a channel if you don’t include it in the guide?  That’s a silly solution.