Opening Tablo app and start-up

When opening up the Tablo app, whether with a Fire stick or Chromecast with Google TV, most of the time I get the spinning circle on startup and have to hit the back button to active the Tablo app.

Is this common? Annyone else experience this?

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Connecting your Tablo to your router with an ethernet cable may help. Tablos require an internet connection which is checked for on startup.

@Michael_Benghiat Several users have reported this tendency. One thing to try is to use the BACK button on your remote each time you finish watching either Live or Recorded on TABLO app. Continue with the BACK button until you get to the “Are You Sure You Want To Exit?” screen, then select YES.

Next time you log in to the TABLO TV app, you should go directly to the startup page without teh spinning circle.

Worth a try. Good luck. Cheers.

Yes, I’m having this problem also. Any idea how widespread this is? Would a different Firestick model be any better? I’m using the most recent 4K max.