Only weaker of channels shows on tablo (KTVU)

In the SF Bay area, KTVU channel 2 changed channels recently. I did a rescan on the tablo, and the channel lineup shows a “2-1 KTVU-HD” (5 green dots) and “2-1 FOX” (3 orange dots) since there’s a low power channel in another direction from my antenna. But for some reason only “2-1 FOX” shows up in the channel lineup.

I’ve tried selecting both and clicking “Add to Guide” and I just get two “2-1 FOX” entries (they just show “weak signal” if I try to watch them). I’ve tried selecting just one or the other and the table insists on only showing the “2-1 FOX” one with the weak signal. The good channel shows up fine on my tv.

Any advice on how to get the tablo to show the right 2-1?

If you select only the strong KTVU-HD and not the weaker channel then select “Add to Guide” what do you get?

@MrDog Just in case the Tablo is hanging on to old information, can you try removing BOTH channels from your lineup, hitting ADD TO GUIDE, then doing a new channel scan?

That worked, thanks.

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